Two New Tupac Tracks Surface — Dissing Diddy, Biggie, Nas & Others

Tupac ShakurWhen Tupac Shakur died in 1996, he left behind so much unreleased material that new songs continue to pop-up even 15 years after his death.

While many posthumous Pac tracks were uplifting, such as "Changes" and "Til the End of Time," two new tracks hit the Internet this week, showing the rapper's other side, in which he disses his adversaries.

On the tracks, "NY 87" and "Watch Yo Mouth," Pac takes aim at several east coast rappers.

While "Watch Yo Mouth" is being called a new track, it surfaced online two years ago (according to MTV), but the new version boasts an alternative beat. On it, Tupac goes hard at the legendary Dr. Dre.

"He ain't made a beat in six years, swear he the sh** / Won't get no record sales suckin' Nas' d***."

Later, he throws shots at Nas, as well as De La Soul, Wendy Williams, Diddy and the Notorious B.I.G. Despite the lyrical insults, Pac downplays the much-hyped East Coast/ West Coast beef of the mid-1990s by chanting, "For my n****s on the east side" throughout the song.

Tupac - "Watch Yo Mouth"

On "NY 87", Pac gets help from The Dogg Pound (Daz and Kurupt) and Threat; and DJ Quik kicks things off with a monologue, stating: "Them n****s on the East is the enemy." Kurupt and Daz take the first two verses, and on the last verse, Pac doesn't drop any names.

Instead, he spits: "Move motherf***ers 'til they feel me / It's West Coast n****, f*** New York, now did everybody hear me?"

Tupac ft. Dogg Pound & Threat - "NY 87"

Both songs seem to have been recording during Pac's Death Row days in 1996, at the height of his feud with Diddy's Bad Boy record label, the Notorious B.I.G., and other New York artists.

Why these tracks were released now is still unknown.

  • Bullywitfullys

    Pac went Ham from the grave! Now we know why these tracks came out is to start another east/west coast war again. That's not cool, I admit the young bucks have nothing to do with this. The beef is over, 100% sure, that somebody in the media had these tracks and decided to release them. Well, ending I'm glad to hear 2pac, D.J. Quick and the Dogg Pound. In West we trust!

  • drob

    Pac was a good rap that always pailed in comparison to Biggie, I hate that he was so jealous of Biggie, if no beef would have existed between these two giants of rap the state of hip hop would not be as fail as it is now. 

  • M R1980

    pac wasnt jelous of biggie fool.pac was outselling biggie,nas and jayz etc when he was alive so what did he have to be jelous of?he was mad at biggie for allowing that shit to happen to him,and acting like he didnt give a who shot ya was a song that shouldnt of been released when it was.and how did pac pale in comparison to biggie?pac was the biggest rap star when he was alive,pac had the crown.pacs album went 5x when he was alive.biggies first album went 2x when he was didnt go 4x untill 99 eventhough it was released in 94.
    and to date pac has sold over 100 million records.biggie record sales dont even come close to that.
    your probably one of those ppl who watched the notorious movie and thought everything you saw in that movie happened like that in real life.

  • Makalakanose

    not Pacs best tracks, but still good to hear from him. Still best ever.. NO DOUBT!!

  • Killum

    Before you come up with your jealousy between the two rappers check and study the history of the beef after you do that what wound you do if you was pac if you a real nigga

  • ZIPAC2

    2Pac All The Way NO ONE Can Replace Pac Much love to Ya

  • Blap

    youre an idiot

  • Sugafree

    biggie sold two million albums of ready to die in two years. pac sold five million albums of all eyes on me in two months. dont bring up jealousy.

  • Byers2009

    U right dawg pac was the shit, that's coming from the dawg in Az