Allen Iverson Hopes To Make Comeback In NBA

Allen IversonAfter brief stints in China and Turkey leagues, Allen Iverson wants to make a comeback in the NBA.

According to an ESPN report, the 36-year-old former NBA star is determined to end his career as an NBA player ... and hopes in the upcoming season, a team will take a chance.

A.I. played just 10 games in an injury-filled stint in Turkey from late 2010 until early this year, after he was unable to find a team interested in giving him a spot on their roster. His latest played in the NBA, during the 2009-2010 season with the Philadelphia 76ers, but left in February, unable to deal with playing a supporting role.

When asked, by ESPN, if he'll still be able to play at an elite level next season, Iverson said: "It's me (laughing). That's what gives me confidence. I know what I can do. Everybody in the world knows what I can do. Everybody knows what I can do on the basketball court."

In his prime, Iverson was one of the most unstoppable forces in the game. During the 2000-2001 NBA season, the baller was named MVP, after carrying his team to the best record in the Eastern Conference with a 56-26 record. He also averaged 31.1 points per game, and took them to the Finals, but eventually lost to the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers after winning just one game.

He left Turkish club Besiktas with a leg injury earlier this year, opting to rest instead of surgery. Now, after fully healing, Iverson says he's ready to help any team win a championship.

He just wants a chance to show he's changed.

"Just give me a training camp," Iverson said. "Maybe I've rubbed people the wrong way as far as saying the things I've said in my life and in my career. But if any team needs me to help try and win a championship in any capacity, I'm waiting."

Over the past three seasons, Iverson has played for four teams -- the Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, the Memphis Grizzles for just three games, and one last run with the 76ers.

  • brooklyn

    a.i your old news no team should even concider bringing you back the nba has teams and you have never grasp the concept of teak ball.

  • bk the wrestler

    NO CHANCE,Unless miracle happans

  • LiveLG7

    He gonna get a shot.  

  • LiveLG7

    He gonna get a shot.  

  • Staples845

    go 2 boston

  • Staples845

    go 2 boston

  • Swampdawg225

    A.I. is a legend...give him another shot to go out in a positive way... Boston wouldn't be a bad look....

  • Anonymous

    Retire please

  • John_doe_velasquez

    AI...i recommend you to get a spot as a shooter in MIAMI Heat, join Lebron James, D'Wade and C'Bosh. its your chance to prove that your burn to be a champion...

  • Poroy0003

    yes! i want a.i playing in nba! i love this guy....

  • Abusaeedn

    A.I. just has to be willing to play team ball. And be a role player if need be. Some of the greatest teams greatest players were superstars who had no problem being role players. Its about doing what you best and that should be to help your team win at whatever capacity, and in whatever way you are needed.