Soulja Boy Signs Former MTV Reality Star Riff Raff To SODMG Imprint

Riff RaffFormer MTV reality show contestant-turned-rapper, Riff Raff, apparently landed a record deal last week, inking a deal with Soulja Boy's SODMG imprint.

The 20-year-old rap star delivered the news in a simple tweet on Wednesday (June 1), welcoming the Internet rapper to his label.

"everybody welcome my newest artist @RiFFRAFF_SODMG to SODMG," Soulja Boy wrote (@SouljaBoy).

In response, Riff Raff thanked his new label boss with a tweet of his own.


Since the announcement, Riff Raff has been tweeting and retweeting his legion of fans and supporters (over 40K) who have congratulated him on the latest development in his career. And, he even dropped a nearly three-minute freestyle called "Soulja Boy Signed Me", in which he brags about how bright his future is now that he's signed.

Details regarding the deal were unknown at press time.

Riff Raff hails from Houston, Texas. He first came onto the scene in 2009, when he appeared as a contestant of Fonzworth Bentley's MTV reality show, "From G's to Gents", during its second second.

Although he was eliminated in the second episode, Riff Raff ran with his newfound fan, and has been heavily marketing himself on the Internet ever since.

  • Akidnamedb

    If I say he's not good, am I automatically considered a hater?

  • Well it is a perfect match:

    Wack on Wack on Wack!!!

    Cant beat it!!!

  • rip off of oj da juiceman

  • soulja gal

    it sounds lyk soulja boy but editd really who u guys tryin to ful i at hatin but u guys be wasting ur moni on a full load of crap u may as well cum take ma 9 yr old bro and he would do a better job souljia i have major love for u but dude u fuckd up the guys a mess,owh ma gosh and that luk iye wat is u thnking.....ple dont hate i LOVE SOULJIA BOY wth all his songs and all but some1 has to show hm the lgt grt rid of ths gangstar wana be?!!!!

  • Tkiley24

    I hate that this dude is from Houston he is a freaking joke riff raff what the hell kind of gay ass name is that move around clown! Real talk

  • Jfu22

    Thats bad dude, all bad! I say keep your day time job! Lol

  • M Williams1012

    Riff raff is garbage and all but the one and only thing u gotta give to him is the respect and recognition that as trash as he is the nigga got HUSTLE!

  • Rice12884

    This shit is super horrible! Not only is the beat a fucking Rick Ross rip off, the dude sound like a fake ass OJ! Which brings up the next problem, since when do rappers from Houston make trap tracks!!!! Somebody need to check this dude creds, shit smell fishy. If he was from Memphis, Atl, Bama, or even Arkansas, I might understand his rap style, but Houston???? This dude is a disgrace to Scareface, UGK, Slim, Cham, Fat Pat, Freestyle Kings, and many more that put TX on the damn map.

  • Supahstaah

    This sounds like some gay ass Houston style rap anyhow. HAahaahaa, Texas rap fell of quick as shit, you guys were hott for 1 summer,haaahaa.

  • Isaias_figueroa28

    yo cool :)

  • Taco

    fuck this shit, wack ass hillbilly... look how we do it on the westside, golfwang 666 rep fuck rrbody else

  • Klitzschdavid

    Riff raff goes H.A.M

  • Armycarr42

    disgrace to houston, hes going to have to move out soon, just like mike jones did

  • Rhughegg

    Bs I try to make an honest living to support my family and douche bag lime this gets a free ride! What the hell is wrong with society?!!!

  • willestyles

    Well it don't matter I can be mad at him . Because he is doin it and by doing it I the life and making money . At the end of the day that's all that matters . So what if he fake or sucks but he getting that money . More then.what most you mothafuckas out there doing . Hahaha shit fuck being real and all that dream hood shit put some cash in my hand . Get it while you can white boy I ain't mad at you .

  • willestyles

    Why not be a fake gangster because in real life it don't pay to be a real run atleast not in the long run.

  • Agent201572

    His beats are one dimensional, his lyric unintelligent drivel.

  • that was the dumbest thing i have ever heard!!!!!!  
    this generation or hip hop is garbage!!   all your bullshit SWAG shit is retarded!!  all your bright ass colors and talking about nonsense is unbelievable!!  and kids nowadays love it!!!  why???    if i could take all the rappers of all time and rank them, this guy would be in absolute last place!!!   

  • Herbalreviews4you

    @micheal. Youd be surprised how many "kids" hate him! He's destroying hip-hop! Anybody with a brain can tell he's shitty!


  • TeeJay

    STOP HATING... and go get your paper up... the man is enjoying his life unlike most who want to bitch and complain about another mans success... LOL... Lame!!!! Respect the man for creating his dream... try it out yourself... step outside of the box and live a lil. Fuckin robots... be and individual and dont hate because some of you don't know how.

  • Bryanbaskerville

    All u mother fuckers are crazy as hell if ur hatin on riff raff this nigga snaps an at least hes doin somethin. Yall dident get sighned to rap for SODMG he did an for a reason dumb ass people

  • Wugambino

    Riff raff is da best ive heard since bobby womack