Freddie Gibbs Questions Osama Bin Laden’s Death, Says Government Holds Secrets

Freddie GibbsSince C.I.A. operatives took out Osama bin laden over the weekend, the majority of the U.S. has been rejoicing for taking out one of America's most sought after terrorists.

Some, however, have received the news with skepticism. For one hip-hop artist, it may be a flat-out lie.

CTE recording artist, Freddie Gibbs, expressed his opinion about the Osama headlines during a recent appearance on Power 105's Breakfast Club morning show in New York (spotted at HHDX).

The Gary, Indiana rapper said he doesn't believe the government, and scolding those supporting the assassination.

"I think it's all bullsh**. Government propaganda. I don't know what to believe right now. They probably got a bin Laden stunt double they killed," Gibbs said during the interview. "I don't want to disrespect no victims of 9/11, but he probably ain't had nothing to do with that. We don't know. It's up in the air. The government holds so many secrets. That's why all you motherf***ers that's outside the White House cheering, I don't know what the f*** y'all cheering for. That sh** is stupid."

While Americans are celebrating bin Laden's historical death, Gibbs is more worried about the consequences from bin Laden's supporters.

"If people think that the Arab nations just gon' let this sh** rock -- we killed Gaddafi's son and bin Laden in the same week -- it's about to be some sh**," he said. "Y'all motherf***ers think it's just gon' blow over like that and it ain't no thing? Whatever, man. You gotta respect everybody's culture and religion. And America, we always trying to be the world police and it's just going to bite us in the ass."

Despite his brash comments about the U.S. government's overseas decisions, Gibbs says he sympathizes with President Barack Obama, saying he's "probably the most stressed n**** in America right now."

Gibbs, who recently signed to Young Jeezy's CTE imprint, is currently prepping the release of his upcoming mixtape, A Cold Day in Hell, set to drop June 14.

  • Daniel Rojas

    what an idiot

  • Guest

    dumb ass U.S. didnt kill Gaddafi's son... yeah government keeps secrets who knows what happened...but NATO did kill him...a

  • Anonymous

    He sure has an opinion and a lot to say for someone that knows nothing....

  • Meezy

    Idc about osoma's death its 29 million people without jobs and we want to celebrate the death of a human being.His death doesn't heal the cuts from the lives lost in 9/11 nor does it help our current situation in america. lower these dam gas prices and I bet you don't see anybody singing in front of the
    white house.

    How Christian is it to celebrate a death anyway???? Yall better wake up and look at the bigger picture.

  • PackAGlock40

    This guy is the perfect reason why people should stay I school. This Freddiie Gibbs is very illiterate on how he talks and present himself. I hope people will boycott this clown. Thanks Mr Gibbs, for embarrassing the African American. But I guess it all good as long he gets a buzz, embarrass his race, and shit on his own country.