Confirmed: Soulja Boy & Diamond Are Officially A Couple

Soulja Boy and DiamondThe Internet has been going nuts for the past week, ever since photos of Soulja Boy and female rapper Diamond popped up (via, showing them looking very cozy while hanging at a recent DUB Car Show in Atlanta, where Soulja was performing.

At the time, it was believed that Diamond was dating and engaged to fellow ATLien Lil Scrappy, so the rumors started flying.

It was unclear what Soulja Boy's relationship was with Diamond, but things are more clear now. Both appeared on Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9's show with the Dirty Boys, confirming what many have speculated -- they are a couple.

When asked directly if he was dating Diamond, formerly of the group Crime Mob, Soulja Boy exclaimed "Yep, straight up."

"What's another man's trash is another man's treasure," the young rapper continued. "I ain't got reason to lie to ya'll ... Yea, we rocking like that."

If fans don't wanna believe Soulja Boy, what about Diamond? She called into Hot 107.9 at the same time, also confirming the new couple's relationship. "Yea, it's official," Diamond said on the air. "Ya'll know what's up."

Diamond's new relationship with Soulja Boy follows an apparent break-up with former fiance Lil Scrappy. However, when and how their break-up happened was unknown at press time.

This week, Scrappy's mother, Mama D, called into Hot 107.9 to defend her son, saying the rapper is doing just fine, despite the controversy surrounding his ex. She also used her time on air to bash Diamond, explaining that she lied to Scrappy about spending time with Soulja Boy, and did him dirty.

"She lied like a motherf***er! Called Scrappy back, talking about 'I was just hanging out with him.' Woo! Woo!" Mama D said. "You know, I wanna put my hand around that bitch throat. I want you to go on the radio and say 'Mama D is angry because you don't mess with Mama D son.'

"You know what ladies and gentlemen? Her son is doing good. The Prince of the South is still the reigning prince because he's chill like that, he's gonna keep it pimpin'. He'll pass a girl on and let her go," Mama D continued.

Scrappy, himself, has been quiet about the entire situation. Since the news broke, he's been in Miami, recording music for his next album, reportedly titled The Grustle.

  • Truesmith

    they make a ugly couple

  • DaLAstTruth45

    Three words. And So What

  • DaLastTruth45

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  • love

    Its funny how the guys who Interviewed Scrappy was more hurt by Diamond and Soulja boy than he was , why can't she date another rapper or entertainer male Stars do it all the time why should she be made to be the bad person because she moved on

  • bk the wrestler

    Next beyonce&Jay-z of atlanta

  • Simply Ecstasy

    Looks like Diamond stepped her pussy up cause Soulja Boys pockets are way deeper than Scrappys. Scrappy hurried up and grabbed him a rebound piece to make it look like he ain't presed but Buckeey from Flavor of Love ain't no better than the one he had.

  • Let me add 3 more words to ur statement:

    And Big Deal!!!

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    Something else too,

    Broke dudes can something of equal or greater value if they game tight.

  • On My GMS

    Confirmed: Nobody gives a shit.

  • Geena

    So then why was that girl on twitter HoneyMelonSODMG claiming him so hard. they be tweeting each other and everything....??? Oh well

  • Joseharo33

    she is fuking ugly.

  • stephiebrowne

    Souja Boy has who he wants when he wants. He's a legend

  • Dmonica2009

    Cute couple!

  • Qsantana

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