Lil Scrappy’s Mom Goes In On Diamond For Leaving Son For Soulja Boy

Lil Scrappy x Diamond x Soulja BoyOver the past several days, the Internet has been going nuts over new photos (via from female rapper Diamond very cozy with Soulja Boy during a recent DUB Car Show appearance in the ATL.

This surprised many who believed she was in a relationship and engaged with ATL rapper Lil Scrappy.

Not much has been said about rumors of their breakout and new man, but Scrappy's mother sure has a lot to say. Apparently, Scrappy's mom, Mama D, has gotten over her son's split with Diamond, and gave the femcee a piece of her mind during a recent radio interview with Atlanta's Hot 107.9.

"OK, the bitch done got breast implants and booty shots, the bitch ain't real first of all," Mama D began, diplomatically. "Secondly, Scrappy said 'F*** it, you know me.' Soulja Boy gonna come behind him, anyway. You know what I'm saying? So at the end of the day, Scrappy is chilling. He's fine. He's the Prince of the South, and he got it good. He's living good and he got it good. He ain't thinking about that bitch. Dirty low down bitch."

As the interview continued, Mama D claimed that Diamond did Scrappy dirty, calling him later to deny that anything happened after word got out that she was getting close with Soulja Boy.

Mama D says the rapper better watch her back.

"She lied like a motherf***er! Called Scrappy back, talking about 'I was just hanging out with him.' Woo! Woo!" she explained. "You know, I wanna put my hand around that bitch throat. I want you to go on the radio and say 'Mama D is angry because you don't mess with Mama D son.'

"You know what ladies and gentlemen? Her son is doing good. The Prince of the South is still the reigning prince because he's chill like that, he's gonna keep it pimpin'. He'll pass a girl on and let her go," Mama D continued.

Scrappy hasn't said much about his break-up with Diamond, but in a response to a question on Twitter, in which a fan asked if his former girl is "f***ing for tracks," Scrappy wrote: "Yep for a min."

He is reportedly in Miami, working on his sophomore release, The Grustle, so "all that other sh** gotta wait" as he put it on Twitter (@scrapMerloJonez).

Both Diamond and Soulja Boy have been rather quiet about the controversy as well. However, on Twitter, both have mentioned and/or retweeted each other often. Diamond even wrote "I love you so much @SouljaBoy" on Tuesday (April 26).

Stay tuned...

  • JD

    Typical ghetto behavior

  • TheRealNayNay

    Lil Scrappy Mom Is A True LAME Lol Smfh But Diamond & Soulja Boy look Cute Together
    Lil Scrappy mom Prolly just Maad Lol ! ! !

  • TheRealNayNay

    Lil Scrappy Mom Is A True LAME Lol Smfh But Diamond & Soulja Boy look Cute Together
    Lil Scrappy mom Prolly just Maad Lol ! ! !

  • DaTruth45

    "Prolly " What the fuck kind of word is that?What is it with nigga's who think their acting more "black" by slaughtering the fucking written word?

  • ckingkilla1617

    fck the trick trash belong woth trash.. he better keep his head and gett money noo time for 4th grade shit.. his mom should chill and say hey atleast my son was first souljia boy need o copy and paste his old stragg lol aint i right yall?

  • Bxonloc

    Thank you for making this comment. I was reading recent comments to a couple of articles and was alarmed with the grammer of most of these niggas on here. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I swear these niggas who post comments make me look like Einstien.

  • Kaage

    mom we know why u mad, cuz ur time iz over. dis iz the game Lakers vs New orleans. let chill n watch da game ---- good luck to soulja boy, you came out too fast let orlean did in da past mmmmmmmm the game is still first Quarter *#$_-- bitch we get more time 2 play