Rhymefest Loses Run For Chicago Alderman Seat In Close Election

RhymefestDespite a valiant run, previous and current Chicago Alderman Willie Cochran beat out hometown rapper Rhymefest for the seat in the 20th Ward on the city's South Side.

Surprisingly, Fest (real name: Che Smith) had a lot of support, and lost by a narrow margin.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Cochran took 54.6 percent of the vote over Fest's 45.4 percent, quite a feat for a rapper with no previous political background.

"It's not about me winning or losing, it's about hope," the rapper said at his election night party, adding that he felt a lot of energy at the polls.

"Eleven and 12-year-old children ask me 'can you stop the gang banging?' I say 'you have to help too.' "

His party has hip-hop blasting from large speakers, while a small group of "mostly young people followed his mist green Cadillac," reports the paper, while Rhymefest held his grandmother on one arm and his wife on the other.

In the end, it wasn't enough to win though.

Fest announced that he was running for the seat last October, and in February successfully forced a run-off election.

  • Nureader

    I voted for Che Smith. But I didn't see nor hear from the entire campaign. If he had put in some sweat equity by walking the streets and talking to the residents he would have won. You can't just mail out flyers or put up posters and expect to win a position. Hopefully, next time he will take it on the road instead of playing a rooftop strategy.

  • Much Respect to Rhymefest for truly trying to make a difference.

  • JD

    This is exactly what is WRONG with society. You have individuals with no notable education running for offices/seats and affecting the well being of other people.

  • What does education have to do with being influential and making a difference? Someone has to be able to cater to the younger generation.. and if it isn't people who actually understand and speak their language then the youth don't care. Education.. haha. That's what's wrong with our nation right now.. A closed-minded society willing to shut down a whole population of individuals from being positive and productive because they aren't "educated" but meanwhile "educated" politicians can lead us to war, irrational spending, and national deficit. Where do I learn that?. Education provides a false sense of entitlement. "Experience" that's way more important.