Jay-Z Launches New, Lifestyle Blog/Website

Jay-ZHip-hop mogul Jay-Z has taken a page outta Kanye West's book with the launch of a new lifestyle website called LifeandTimes.com.

The recently launched website offers a fresh take on categories such as style, leisure, art & design, technology, music, and sports, featuring everything from short video clips, brief blogs and stories, as well as pictures.

The site currently boasts feature stories on boxing champ Andre Berto, writer Glenn O' Brien, French fashion blogger Garance Doré, and African filmmaker Ousmane Sembene, among others.

There's also, of course, a dedicated section about the life and times of the site's owner, entitled simply "Jay's," along with links to Jay's tour dates and store.

LifeandTimes.com, which references Jay's fourth studio album, Volume 3: The Life & Times of S. Carter, is reportedly backed by Jay's company SC Enterprises, who put together a staff to cover Jay's various interests -- an idea he thought about doing a year ago.

The website's "About" section simply features a large photo of Jay on stage with a short quote: "I want to make the extraordinary, ordinary."

Check out Jay's new website over at LifeAndTimes.com.


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  • Ferdi829

    Yo next year it would b nice 2 c Jay on tht cypher piece on the BET hiphop awards, I'm a big fan of Jay, don't get me wrong but if EM can do it, know wht I mean?

  • BigManfromJersey

    Mr. Baller, Mr VIP room Mr I'm better than the rest of you black folk. I have a question, besides a tax right off recommended by your accountant, what have you actually done for black people now that you're in the position to make a difference, or are you like the other black people that make it out of the hood that it is pointless to help black people, our children are better off dead or in the bone yard. Jay Z are you too brain washed by those who control all media, news papers and hollywood. They tell us who were suppose to like and who where not suppose to like. They always paint an unflattering image of black people and the sad part is black people believe the negative images of our selves. But you Hove, you are in a rare and fortunate position to actually do something about it. You can do something with public service announcements build boards, visits to schools, and get your other buddies who do nothing for black America to give of there time and money to help the black youth of America, would you or are you only interested in their money. If so, your a sell out. You Kanye, Puffy, Beyonce, all of you who take these kids money and do nothing to give back. You should make a valient effort to give to black organizations like the Black Star project out nof Chicago, the people that run that organization are tryin g to prevent gang violence but get no help at all from black people, how about LA NJ, NY what have you dont to help anybody. Do you give a shit. I tell everyone until I see some concern I would'nt recommend buying anything from any of you. It's time to give back, quit thanking GOD for giving you everthing and then doing nothing in return to show the appreciation

  • hope you got it all ,on the posts comment,i will be glad when positive moves are been made on this areas,you all mentioned are great men,am so much addicted to being a great Fan of you all,go make a change ,make our blacks around the world proud of you as you said @ jay in For Ever Young Qoutes:My name shall be passed down to generations while debatin' up in barber shops
    Young slung, hung here, showed that a nigga from here, With a little ambition, just what we can become here.Giving more back to them who needs will make you more of the song For Ever Young.....Still Love All the Blacks