Man Who Fought Suge Knight In Las Vegas Wants A Rematch

Suge Knight

Suge KnightThe guy Suge Knight got into a fist fight with in Las Vegas over the weekend wasn't happy with his performance ... and wants a rematch.

According to TMZ, the man -- now identified as Tobias Bell from South Central L.A., aka T.B. -- told the gossip website that the former Death Row Records CEO got angry after he approached him and asked if he killed the late, Tupac Shakur.

In a clip, released earlier this week, Suge Knight is seen fist fighting Bell at the Aria Hotel in Vegas early Saturday morning (March 12). Both are seen throwing swiping blows at each other for a short period of time, but before long Bell flees and the former music mogul goes after him.

However, Knight is restrained, and walks off into the casino.

T.B. told TMZ that he ready for round two and is willing to meet Knight anywhere. "Staples Center, L.A. Live, wherever," he said, and this time ... he'll be ready.

Suge hadn't commented on the altercation, as of press time. Neither man was arrested either.

  • Nik

    classic Suge answering a Yes/No question with a third option... and we're still no closer to know who actually killed 2pac

  • Niki G.

    lol. Boy, boo.

  • Datruth23

    Newsworthy?Some weak ass nigga angling for tmz time and apparently balla status time as well?Come on.

  • Anonymous


  • Kenwood

    Suge is a punk. Nobody out here on the West Coast likes him. Eventually somebody out here will twist his Cap back. Live by the gun die by it! West West Yall....

  • mib

    i met sude monday 21th in vegas he was nice took pic with me talked with me any motherfucker hating on suge is a hater

  • A 100 Crips A 100 Bloods

    So he did bad business but Despite that its all these lies that LA hates Suge is a lie Suge gets luv & plenty of respect from "Everybody" & can still be spotted out pushin Phantoms Panameras & all that nice shit minus the $107 Million they took from that brother Suge is as active as he was in the Death Row years money didn't change Suge & neither will a fade win or lose he still a MOB Boss!

  • You gon Respect da Shooterz

    Pleeze believe it Suge still got some money a lot of power & pull in these streets Saw em out drink in hand bitches of all races around him cigar in the other hand & 50 fresh dressed goons watchin his back so I feel a little sorry for the next tough guy who's feeling froggy you gone lose dawg from many angles he got cats from Crips & Bloods in his circle ready.