Yung L.A. Gets Cartoon Duck Face Tatt! Leaves Grand Hustle

Another rapper recently followed in the footsteps of Gucci Mane, and got a wild face tattoo -- his name is Yung L.A. The rapper also hails from Atlanta, and was previously signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle label, but as he reveals in this clip, he's moved on.

L.A. was recently filmed while getting a tattoo -- on his face (yep, you read right) ... on his face -- of an evil looking cartoon duck, which we've found out is actually the logo of a label called Duct Tape Ent. However, Complex says that fellow ATLien Alley Boy, who is apart of the DTE family, "killed any rumors that Leland was even apart of Duct Tape to begin with."

Woah! That's weird. Still, Yung L.A. is continuing to work. He's gearing up for the release of a new mixtape, titled Tattoos & Jewelry, which hits the net on March 15.

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  • PackAglock40

    When did this clown ever put in work? He must have mix the g-code with the gaye code. if you every really bang in your life. Then you should be insulted with this dude. what's sad is he don't know he is a mark. I think most hoods would love to catch him on their block.

  • damn, looks bad

  • javier

    From a distance , it looks like a dick ...

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  • gaetarick

    Honestly this fool is just fucking RETARDED ...

    tattos and jewery, tattos n jewery - Lame ass mutha fucka

  • webb

    I guess, man it's young webb I'm a hold shit down from now on yall watch for ya boy, these guys just giving the torch away.

  • Thanks to the Internet,

    Anybody can be a star.

    If yall aint figured that out already LOL!!!

  • Priest

    Anything for attention.

  • Priest

    and what's worse, it's suppose to be a Duck with a microphone....BWAhahahahahahah....