Kanye West Cops 10 Fatburger Restaurant Chains

Kanye WestFollowing the footsteps of other rappers like E-40, Kanye West has expanded his business portfolio into the world of fast food.

According to a recent report from The Daily Beast, West has purchased the franchise rights to 10 Fatburger restaurants in his hometown of Chicago, through his own holdings company, KW Foods LLC.

Gee Roberson, Kanye's manager, explained the thought process behind ventures ancillary to his music.

"Music is the foundation for everything Kanye does, but he doesn't want to be defined only as a musician," said Roberson. "He's really a designer. He designs his sounds, his raps, all aspects of his tour. He wants to do deals where he can have his fingerprints on the product."

Pharrell Williams, Queen Latifah, and E-40 are others in hip-hop who own or have owned locations in the fast food chain.

In addition to Fat Burger, West has announced a frangrance deal with Parlux, as part of a deal Jay-Z's Iconic Fragrances inked with the company to released a line of scents for not only Kanye, but also Rihanna.

  • so what nigga
    I own 6 Subways 4 liquor $tore$..
    who cares

    Good Dreams Mixtape is WAAAAAY harder
    than Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy..

    thats all I know..
    EAT FRESH!!!

  • OK. You can't knock the hustle. Check out new music from him on TAKE NO REQUESTS RADIO.

  • Bill

    A big big-up 2 dis brother glad to see not all rappers are spending their $ on bling n cars n 4 all you dummies buying dat $100,000 chain try selling dat shit tomorrow the say mofoker dat sold u dat shit is gonna give u $20 ha ha now don't u feel stupid invest ur money in shit dat appreciate not depreciate dat phat car is trash dat mansion is bull dat Batman or transformer bling is bullshit take dat fuckin $100,000 grans 2 da hood nigga feed sum poor people instead

  • Aint mad at him.

    I see ya Kanye!!!

  • @Bill
    now that I know your heart yerns for
    1. a chain
    2. a whip
    3. a mansion
    I'll buy you all that shit for Hanukkah
    so you'll quit hatin bitch..

    thank me later homeskillet

  • jeff jenkins

    what is a home skillet?? is that like the skillets at dennys, but just made at home. i had a burger and onion rings at the fat burger in vegas and it was so good. I would have bought into that chain too. Maybe they will start selling skillets and fat dookie chains for all the weirdo rap guy wanna bees. Peace out weird rap guys. keep it really.

  • C-NOTE G.

    the big homie might want to look into the Checkers' franchise