Celtics’ Rajon Rondo Ditches Headband After NBA Institutes New Rule

Rajan RondoYou may have noticed that since the beginning of the season, Boston Celtics' guard Rajon Rondo no longer rocks his trademark headband ... following the addition of an new rule by the NBA.

According to ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg (@ESPNForsberg), the league has instituted a new uniform rule, prohibiting players from wearing their headbands upside down or inside out.

Players may now only wear them if the NBA and/or team logo is shown right side up, the way it's supposed to.

Rondo has worn a sweatband for quite some time now, but he would wear it upside-down for unknown reasons. With the NBA instituting the new rule, he has ditched the headband altogether, starting the Boston's opener against the Miami Heat.

He wouldn't comment on the reasons following a game Friday (October 29).

Additionally, the NBA made another rule change this season -- cracking down on player complaints. If a player complains, even slightly, to a referee after a call, or non-call, he will be hit with a technical foul.

So far, the refs are sticking to the rule strictly, and players are still trying to get used to the rule. If a player gets two technicals in a game, he is ejected.

  • definition of fat

    that rule sucks! does it really matter how the players wear their freaking headbands? this kinda shit really pisses me off.

  • chrissy

    why, why, why, why, why? No one can even see that thing. David Stern is a tyrant!

  • Now thats that bullshit!!!

  • Norene Sauls

    They are worried about hand bands? Those guys need to get a real job!

  • But you have to control your million Dollar slaves Somehow.
    You know exactly what this is

  • Reno Red

    ..Yea,it is a lil' fukked up.....but,....hell all tha money u gettin paid....shit ill wear a mohawk..if they asked...naw..but fa reals....its a stoopid ass rule

  • Dan

    The reason he wore it upside down was because his motto was "im turning the NBA upside down." It so stupid that they care so much about how he wears his sweatband.

  • there ain't nothing like street basketball!!!!!

  • underdog

    They did not mention back to front, this Kriss Kross fan is offended!

  • If the NBA were a national government it would be Saudi Arabia. It has no respect for freedom.

    I think Rondo wore his headband in that distinctive way for luck. Just think how many assists he'd have this season if he had his headband!

    If you feel like I do, participate in this grassroots movement - freerondo.com

  • The NBA and the NFL are run by a bunch of fag sissies who would not be able to make it on the court or in the field.

  • What kind of stupid rule is that. I mean really. When David Stern starts worrying about meaningful things somebody let me know

  • you know what else i think just throwing this out there but this article isn't that important Randall Stevens thanks for wasting my time

  • K. McCormack

    You guys are all idiots, the headband is part of the uniform and needs to be worn properly. Respect for the game, institution, and traditions. This is not some gangsta street ball game they are pros...

  • about the headband, show some fucking respect for those who came before you! I'm sick of the lack of appeciation and respect shown by Rondo. If he has a problem with the headband go about changing it or anything else in a way that's respectful. The NBA didn't fine him they just inforced a rule. Rules are a good thing and to all the negative comments about the league calling Rondo out on this...shut the fuck up! I'm African American and I am no David Stern fan but Jerry West is the NBA logo on that headband, a Hall Of Famer. It's disrespectful for the little shit Rondo to wear the headband upside down and cowardly for him not to explain why he did it in the first place! Is Rondo a Hall Of Famer? Answer is Hell No. Alright then.

  • Mizmomo

    they so dam worried about some headband...that rule sucks..my baby Rajon P. Rondo should be able to ware what the fuck he wants. So get the FUCK off his DICK!!!!!!!

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  • Hlakhdf

    cowardly of him? You just mad cause u really wanted to know but got nothing! lmao

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    fuck you he already has many records, 6 career playoff triple doubles and your just an idiot he probably meant nothing by it so who cares he stoped wearing no big deal.