40 Glocc Banned From California Apartment Complex As Part of Gang Injunction

40 Glocc40 Glocc took a loss in court recently, when a California judge barred him from hanging around an apartment complex in his hometown of Colton, which law enforcement believes to be the stronghold of a known Crip gang, reports the Associated Press.

The rapper (real name: Lawrence White) has been at the center of an on-going gang injunction in San Bernardino County, where he's been accused of touted his gang member status in songs and videos.

That gang is the Colton City Crips, and the Arbor Terrace Apartments in Colton is said to be their headquarters where the county's district attorney said members hang out, package and sell drugs -- 40 Glocc being one of them.

40 Glocc, now known as Big Bad 40, has denied the allegations, arguing that his affiliation to the Colton City Crips was strictly for entertainment purposes to boaster his rap career.

However, the San Bernardino County district attorney doesn't buy it, and wants to bar the rapper from using the gang lifestyle in his music, lyrics or anything else related to his music career.

Back in July, 40 claimed that censoring his music is a violation of his first amendment rights.

"They are using my songs against me. I thought the Constitution of the United States of America, which is where I live, grants me the first amendment which is freedom speech, I mean that's what I read," said 40.

"My rights are being violated and somebody is lying on me. I don't have any tattoos on my chest and whoever is putting out this wrong information can come over here and take a picture," he added. "They make things up when I boast and brag and tease them in my music, they find ways to punish me for not allowing them to dictate what I can and cannot do for my income and entertainment purposes."

Despite his legal woes, 40 Glocc is continuing to push his music. He's currently promoting his latest single, "Damn" featuring Ray J.

  • Cuzz cuz

    so now you claiming you not a Loc Cuz? you fake flagging ass rapper..



    NAH, NOT BIG BAD 40!!!!!!!

  • just someone

    Cuzz cuz there is a big difference between claiming in the streets and claiming in the media. Unless you ask him to his face you shouldn't say shit.

  • George

    Ha! I guess all that fake gang banging has caught up with you?

  • b.k. da wrestler

    Gangs Everywhere but this nicca wants 2 use da da apartments as a turf? (c'mon son)

  • ThePeople

    The complaint was amended not to ban Lawrence White's freedom of speech or expression. It only sought to ban his presence from one apartment complex in Colton, CA, where he does not live. After a week-long trial on the subject, including hearing from Lawrence White's hired defense expert witness, the court found that White was part of the Colton City Crips' nuisance, and included him in the ban. There is NO first amendment muzzle.

  • yall dont know shit about the gang injunction to be speaking on it, first of all niggas dont got no rights in the US we think we do but we dont! thats why they can lock us up for any reason they want, 2nd the gang injunction is like tell you u cant hang around your family friends people you grew up wit in your own neighborhood on your own block and you might still live there or u might not but thats not the point even if you not doing no dirt,so its like taken away your freedom 3rd remember they locked the rapper C-BO back up for rapping about gang lifestyle its all just bullshit they using music videos and music and entertainment images to lock us up wit now.... knowing its just that.. so everybody be saying stop snitching but aint nobody tellin on you u tellin on your self... we just gotta get smarter bottom line... keep fighting for your freedom 40 glocc and let these haters keep doing what they do best

  • sirtheboss

    I heard he represented himself in this case. If he did he should have got a better lawyer. This could have easily been a win for him