Kanye West Lets Emotions Run Loose On Twitter, Apologizes To Taylor Swift

Kanye WestWhen Kanye West bum rushed the VMAs stage a year ago, taking the mic from the hands of Taylor Swift during her award acceptance speech, he got so much backlash that he disappeared from the limelight for months.

The rapper single-handily halted his career in one fell swoop, and even was the subject of death wishes and hate.

Now, as West prepares to grace that same stage at this year's show, he is filled with emotion and let it all out on his Twitter account (@KanyeWest) Saturday night (September 4), where he revealed that he still feels wrong from what he did nearly a year ago.

"How deep is the scar ... I bled hard ... cancelled tour with the number one pop star in the world (Lady Gaga) ... closed the doors of my clothing office," he tweeted.

"People tweeted that they wish I was dead ... No listen. They wanted me to die people. I carry that. I smile and take pictures through that," West continued, before promising fans a new man who's now "ready to get out of my own way. The ego is overdone."

As West continued his Twitter rants, he even issued a public apology to Swift, once again, before saying that he's written a song for her.

"It starts with this ... I'm sorry Taylor," West began. "She had nothing to do with my issues with award shows. She had no idea what hit her. She's justa lil girl with dreams like the rest of us. ... I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that's so beautiful and I want her to have it. If she won't take it then I'll perform it for her."

Before the night was over, West began following Swift on Twitter, making her the second person he's following on the social networking platform behind Justin Bieber.

West signed off with a message for the people who still hate him over the Swift incident, before ending with "I'm sorry Taylor."

"I've hurt, I've bled, I've learned. I only want to do good. I am passionate, I am human, I am real," he wrote. "I wish I could meet every hater. I wish I could talk to every hater face to face and change there a opinion of me one conversation at a time.

"I wish they all knew how much I really cared about music and pop culture and art and peoples feelings. I wish they could accept that I've grown and only want to do good for the world. I want to help as many people as I can. I want to help starting with the music and ending with the smile. I want to win there hearts back so I can continue to bring my take on culture to the masses with a clean opinion."

West is scheduled to perform at the 2010 MTV VMAs, which will air live on September 12. This year's host, Chelsea Handler, recently said that she hopes to reunite West with Swift during the event.

"I'd like to get them together, because we've never really seen them together since then," the comedienne told Ryan Seacrest, on his KIIS-FM radio show this past week. "We'll try to think of something clever to do with them because that would be really fun."

  • b.k. da wrestler

    He should of did that for ruin Taylor Swift's Big Nite.I'm glad she 4gives him& Kanye learns his lession from what happen.



  • weak move....

    apologizing is a sign of weakness....

    wut happened to tha almighty kanye?????

    he got shook cuz of a white gurl??????????

    don't think so...

    he got an album coming out and he needs the publics acceptance again, thats all!!!!

    he sure knows how to play tha media!!!!!

  • RastaHenkie

    I guess all 3 above me did not read his tweet.
    Man is twitter not made for Kanye.
    But dayum guys kanye proof enuf in tha pass that he dont'give about album sales & fame only. He really cares about music and when he "atck"Taylor it was not cuz of here it was becuz of tha VMA's. And stop acting like it was a bad thing. It was even a good think. For here career and as humon cuz not only Mr.West learn from it so did she.

    But tha thing that pisses me off tha most is that tha 3 of u only try to find tha negative things of this situation. While Kanye West gives tha whole word a change to look in2 his hart&head.

  • Kanye West is an amazing Rap music artist and one of the best around. I love his rap songs and Kanye West`s music videos. His rap and hip hop music videos are always innovative and some of the hottest around and everyone says what a big ego Kanye West has too so its cool to see him apologising to Taylor Swift for ruining her special moment as this shows he has humility and class.

    an apology is a sign of strength homie
    it takes a man to know when your wrong
    and even more of a man to admit it..
    especially in this deplorable world of arrogance that we ALL gotta live in..

  • Phillybro19141

    Gotta agree with RastaHenkie on this one. Yall are hating. His album would sell even if he didnt apologize. And his performance is gonna be crazy cause he is passionate about his music for sure. It might be the best performance since Jay-z Hard knock Life joint. like he said, He was just trippen off the power. Good thing he didnt jump out a window. Good Luck Kanye.

  • say sorry!!!!!!!!

  • fuck u!!!!!

  • I just don’t understand why he doesn’t know the difference between “there” and “their.”

  • rick

    kanye is an asshole, an hes losing fans faster than hes losing his fucken hair!!!!!

  • Applaudes!!

    *Tear* @ Shipyard 1967.. exactly.. only an ignorant person would think thats a sign of weakness. I stand up for Kanye for this one... the fact that he got out to the spot light, commends this man for getting to know him and whats right! For that Kayne... I am truely a FAN!! (Not that I ever stopped, because what he said was true at the VMA's)