Paul Wall Explains Why Lack of Album Sales Doesn’t Bother Him

Paul WallLast week, Paul Wall's new album Heart of a Champion got off to a slow start on the Billboard 200, selling just over 7,600 copies to debut at no. 58. But, the Houston rapper ain't mad. In fact, he feels blessed.

Why you ask? Because he was able to drop another album ... and do what he loves: make music.

Wall told us recently, his career has blessed him with the finances to continue to work, despite not selling the major units he did with his 2005 debut, The People's Champ. This is why album sales aren't the biggest factor when he records.

"I'm blessed to have another album come out. I'm blessed to be able to do what I love to do: make music," Paul told us recently.

"I'm blessed to be financially straight where I don't really depend on the royalty checks like that. We got a fanbase that really supports me and shows me love," he added. "They've been down with me from day one, so I stay on the road touring, all day non-stop, all 365 days a year. I grind with it on the road, that's really where I get a lot of my cake from. But also with the jewelry stores too, me and TV Johnny."

Paul also added that numbers don't influence the type of music he makes either. He says he wants to make complete albums rather than shoot for one radio hit.

"We find ways to make up for the lack of album sales, but we don't really do it for the album sales. I want my fanbase to be happy with music I make," he says. "In the industry these days, people want hits more than they want good music. As long as you got one good radio hit you can sell an album, but you got on radio hit and the rest be a wack album. I'd rather have a good solid album, all the way through. I think that's where I made a name for myself -- making good music. Even though I haven't really had too many big smash hits, I've been having good music. Every album gots good quality music ... good solid albums."

Half of Heart of the Champion was produced by his good friend Travis Barker, while the other half is credited to Beanz N Kornbread.

It also includes features from the likes of Bun B, Kid Sister, Devin The Dude, Yo Gotti, Yelawolf, Raekwon, Jay Electronica, and his group Expensive Taste.

It's in stores now.

For more info, visit Paul Wall's official website at

  • b.k. da wrestler

    Great Attitude But u not the same since People's Champ

  • i feel you pw.....

  • burrrrrr

    Paul deserves better promotion...I barely knew he had a new album out, and then it had some really good material n my personal fave "Live it" . Support the artists ya'll..


    only 1 white boy sells in this industry! shaaaaaaaaaaadyyyyyyyyyyyy...........

  • gaetarick

    Not a fan of Paul Wall at all ... But what he's sayin' is real. Much respect.

  • rick

    what does he care if this album doesnt sell his first lp went platinum and second almost went gold plus he has his side hustles!!!!!!!!

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  • DC

    jaunt with z-ro and devin is my shit......smoke something bitch

  • mysticsnow

    Get the fuck outta here, every artist wants to do big numbers. Saying you don't care about big numbers is like saying you don't care about ya pocket. Stop Lying

  • Lifesahbitch

    Mysticsnow if you listen you would learn something....first artist don't make money off their numbers or record sells they get pAyed from shows, tours,concerts...that being said if his fan base like his music he will sale seats you get it..?make the music people like get payed fuck record sells..