Fan Rushes Kid Cudi On Stage In Ohio, Rapper Tries To Confront Him

Kid CudiObviously, judging from a video in December where he punched a fan during a performance in Vancouver, Kid Cudi doesn't like when he's interrupted during his shows.

So, it's no surprise when the rapper confronted a fan after he jumped on stage and nearly tackled Cudi.

A video surfaced this week of a concert in Ohio on Thursday (July 23), showing a fan rushes the stage and nearly tackles Kid Cudi mid-performance before a security guard quickly removed the fan off the stage.

Despite security handling the situation, Cudi stopped his performance and fought his way off-stage to confront the fan. But before anything to escalate, security separated the two, causing a commotion among concertgoers.

Eventually, the rapper returned to the stage and continued his performance.

Check out how it went down in the video below:

    NOW I GET IT..

  • Since Ohio does not have Lebron anymore, they are glad to get a hold of any star that they can get

  • eastsideplaya69

    I like how Cudi went after the kid like that. Why would he go on stage and get in his face in the first place. And lol at those security guards they struggled hard to get that kid under control.

  • gaetarick

    You guys know Cudi is a coke head right ... Cudi is a bitch anyway

  • who fucking cares if he does coke? how does that effect the integrity of his character or his music? everyone has problems just like you, you feel the need to post stupid shit about people and spread rumors that no one appreciates. i know you get some sort of fulfillment from it but get a life please, no cares what you have to say.

  • Professional :P

  • Dude has one hell of a unibrow in that pic; look like he channeling gaetarick's homosexual dad to put the penises down.

  • Trivial

    anyways, kid cudi is a good rapper