Va. Rapper Sues Kanye West For Allegedly Stealing ‘Stronger’

Kanye WestA Virginia rapper is suing Kanye West, claiming the hip-hop superstar stole his smash hit "Stronger" from him.

According to the Loudoun Independent, Vincent Peters filed a lawsuit against West in U.S. District Court in Illinois in late June, claiming that 'Ye stole the song in question after he submitted it to West's business manager.

Peters, who goes by the rap moniker Vince P, says he wrote and recorded a song in 2006 also called "Stronger", which ended up in the hands of West. Seven months later, he says West released his own version of the same song.

Peters offers an example of both songs' similarities, including the hook:

Peters' "Stronger": What don't kill me make me stronger / The more I blow up the more you wronger / You coped my CD you can feel my hunger / The wait is over couldn't wait no longer

West's "Stronger": N- n- now th- that don't kill me can only make me stronger / I need you to hurry up now cause I can't wait much longer / I know I got to be right now cause I can't get much wronger / Man I've been waitin' all night now that's how long I've been on you

In the lawsuit, Peters is demanding that West, as well as his record labels, cease production, sales and performances of "Stronger" ... and is seeking an unspecified amount of money.

It's unclear why he chose to file suit against West now, when the song was released three years earlier.

  • hater!

  • SilverSpoon music is out of VA, and Vince P is making us look bad. If he sue Ye he will never get signed by any major record lable in his life. True or not?

  • My2cent

    Word dude wanna wait 5 years later to get dough. I think I'm gonna make similar lyrics to stronger and try to sue him also!

  • George

    @SilverSpoon, so he's supposed to kiss Kanye's ass just to get on? I think the timing is bad but if he was ripped off why let this rich guy get richer?

  • Mel

    Its a catch 22 because if you just send in a song to a studio without a copyright, they can get away with stealing it. If you dont copyright it, its your word against his. On the other end, if he wins the lawsuit, it will only make the industry clamp down harder on unsolicited material.

    You will need an agent just to do anything, just like the movie industry.

  • rainr

    Check out silent rainr/so much sh*t @youtube...