T.I., Remy Martin Cognac Officially Announce Partnership

T.I. and Remy Martin meetingAs revealed earlier this month, Atlanta rapper T.I. had landed a deal with Remy Martin Cognac to help market their product.

This week, the cognac company officially announced their partnership with the rapper, which will include collaborations on "creative projects and further the work of T.I.'s K.I.N.G. Foundation," said a press release.

TIP has been named Global Creative Consultant to the iconic Rémy Martin brand, and will work with the company on several events and personal appearances in conjunction with T.I.'s August 17th release of his new album, King Uncaged.

"T.I. is a powerful voice in the entertainment world as a recording artist, actor and producer. And Rémy Martin recognizes the similarities between the art of producing fine cognacs and blending music and words to create hit songs. Both crafts demand skill and attention," said Lamar Johnson, Director of Marketing and Branded Entertainment at Rémy Cointreau USA.

"We are very pleased to partner with T.I. to build upon our successful 'Things are Getting Interesting' marketing campaign."

In addition to cross-branding between their brand and T.I.'s album, Rémy Martin will also help raise awareness and funds to support the mission of the the rapper's K.I.N.G. Foundation.

He started the Foundation to help low income families with an emphasis on mentoring, positive intervention and community outreach.

T.I. will work across the range of Rémy Martin cognac marques and will offer creative thinking on marketing initiatives including promotions, merchandising and digital media. He says he's long been a fan of the brand and recently visited Rémy Martin headquarters in Cognac, France where he learned about the brand's heritage and production process.

"I've been a fan of Rémy Martin for many years, so I'm honored to be working with them as creative consultant. And now after my trip to Cognac, I admire the brand's genius even more. I'm excited about all the possibilities of this partnership," said T.I.

He offered Chelsea Handler a magnum of Rémy Martin V.S.O.P and teased his upcoming signature blend of the premium cognac when he visited the E! talk show host on Monday night (June 28) on "Chelsea Lately."

During his stop on the show, he revealed that he's working on his own signature V.S.O.P. blend of Remy Martin. No further info was revealed though.

King Uncaged drops August 17th. It's TIP's seventh studio album and the first since his critically acclaimed Paper Trail album in 2001.

  • Backwards hustling...

    Now T.I. (whom I respect for various reasons) is shilling poison to the youth? What happened to kicking the truth?

    With BallerStatus' blessings, here's the TRUTH about that liquor his pamdering:


  • ^^^^
    "liquor he's pandering"

  • Simply Ecstasy

    What's up with all these Rappers promoting alcoholic bevererages... Do they think it's the only thing we buy in the Hip Hop community? GEEZE!

  • Frank Rizzo

    @ morons... it's called business and he's making money. As far as I know alcohol is not illegal so I'm pretty sure he's not doing anything wrong.

  • mim132

    he'll make far more money from the Remy Martin deal than from his new album. these days, it's just a smart move.

  • Frank Rizzo-

    "Moron?" I know you don't have any friends, because you can't even converse on an adult level with anonymous commentors. I feel sorry for you.

    Anyway, there's money to be made all over, Frank (isn't "Frank Rizzo" a muppet?). Lots of young, naïve people look up to him & shilling booze isn't the best look for a rapper of his caliber.

  • Castor troy

    tony grands, i have to agree with you on that one.

  • flipa

    i guess this nigga is bakk grand hustle

  • keith

    TIP is that dude! I just hope remy is not messing with his merch

  • (:

    king uncaged, i already pre ordered it!(: