Floyd Mayweather Calls Out Shane Mosley, Manny Pacquiao — Says He’s Better Than Ali

Floyd MayweatherFloyd Mayweather is considered by many to be one of, if not the best, in the boxing world. As he gears up for his May 1st showdown against Suger Shane Mosley, the undefeated boxer is letting it be known that his skills are top notch .. and Mosley, Mayweather, and even all-time great Muhammad Ali can't f... with him.

In a telephone conference call this week, Mayweather let media outlets know just how much he is feeling himself.

Vibe.com was on the call. This is what the boxer had to say:

On Mosley: "Shane is a solid welterweight. But I don't know where I would put Mosely. I can't see how a guy could call himself great or putting himself as a future hall-of-famer. This is a guy ... we don't know how long he was taking enhancement drugs. He's been around the sport for a long, long time. He's done some things in this sport. But he's a fighter that always worries about landing one big shot. And I worry about being smart and winning. When Shane punches, a lot of times he closes his eyes. We are two totally different fighters."

On Manny Pacquiao: "Manny Pacquiao struggled twice with [Juan Manuel] Marquez, which we know he really lost. And we know he's been knocked out twice. He's been out-boxed by Erik Morales, but they still give him 'Boxer of the Decade.' So that's something I don't understand. He beat a Miguel Cotto that was stretched by me. I'm trying to find out what it really is. All I'm saying is if you are a clean athlete, take a test. Show the world. I'm a natural."

On greats, Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson: "I take my hat off to them. I got respect for Sugar Ray Robinson; I got respect for Muhammad Ali. But I'm a man just like they're a man. I put on my pants on just like they [do]. What makes them any better than I am? Because they fought 1,000 fights and my era is totally different. It's pay-per-view now, so things change. It's out with the old, in with the new. Muhammad was one hell of a fighter. But Floyd Mayweather is the best. Sugar Ray Robinson was one hell of a fighter, but Floyd Mayweather is the best."

Mayweather will take on Mosley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for a welterweight pay-per-view super fight on May 1st. For more info, visit HBO.com/Boxing.

  • chicken floyd shrimp dad

    Floyd Mayweather is the best Gay Boxer of all time.....

  • badass

    All that this turkey would say is that he is the best! Where is your humility? Everybody thinks you are a joke. A self gratifying narcissistic bastard.

  • eve

    Floyd, Manny's into something:
    P ower
    E nergy
    D etermination
    S kill

  • boxingFan

    Floyd is scared to fight Manny.. All he's doing is finding excuses not to fight.. He knows he will lose and he knows they'll never fight.. The reason they will never fight is because of Floyd.. so he will always run his mouth

  • Ritual

    Floyd=blah blah blah blah blah blah......we'll see how he does against a 38 year old Shane Mosley on may 1st. And, I would love if Floyd grew some balls and faught Manny, that would be awesome, biggest fight in recent history.

  • floydy

    floyd money mayweather who the hell is that guy? he can't leave his house without a bodyguard coz he is scared the people will beat him up because of his bad mouth... grow up floydy.. you're such a big gay liar..

  • abel

    what a shame 4 floyd saying he's better than ali, fuck u floyd... just fight pacquiao and i will say u r the best .....coward...........im used to be ur big fan but i dont respect u anymoreu r a coward......

  • abel

    boycott to the pay per view fight ....wait 4 the news that shane will knock him out

  • bk da wrestler

    He' unstoppable with speed,quickness,& defense to beat Shane Mosley (if he'll PRove me wrong to beat mayweather)but Floyd needs to shut up bout I'm more good then everyone else,if he keeps talk trash then they coming for him.

  • Big Rox

    Floyd "stretched out" Miguel Cotto? What's he talking about. He never had teh guts to step into the ring w/ Cotto.

  • Sky

    Floyd Gayweather = Boring fighter = Nato = No Action Talk Only....

  • The Man

    I'm still having doubts that Floyd will show up on May 1st.

  • dappagorgon

    you are all fools if any of you really knows boxing you will see manny is the perfect boxer for Mayweather to expose. everyone talks of his speed, mayweather is faster,you talk of his power, what use is power if you cant hit the target,fanny manny chin is not that great he has been knocked out twice, his boxing IQ is dull when have you ever seen him use a different tactic. Mayweather has the speed,the stamina,the smarts and the chin

  • marvin

    i don't know if he can bit manny?
    but i'll tell u the truth floyd he's a very coward man

  • CAVSchamps

    Hey dappagorgon, those are funny comments. You obviously are a big fan of GAYWEATHER and is probably as gay as him. If you as what you claim you are, know about a lot about boxing, why don't you fight GAYWEAHTER instead. I'm sure GAYWEATHER won't stand chance.

  • TK

    Please. Get real, Floyd would fuck up any worthy fighter at this time and as far as fighting Pacquiao, he would have no problem fighting him only that Manny won't take a drug test. Why do you think that is? I think his record speaks for itself - 40wins(soon to be 41 after Mosely) 0losses 25K.O. You idiots that probably haven't seen a real boxer fight should watch a Mayweather fight and then comment on how shit he is....

  • Pac

    Floyd is demanding an Olympic drug testing!!! How many fights he has now before fighting the Person is afraid of. From all 37 fights he had, he never demanded this test. Its obvious that he is scared fighting Pacman and the reason behind this,he never wants to fight the Pacman so he makes excuses just to prevent this fight to happen. If people allow Floyd's demands and to be dictated his delusional mind, People will look like a Robot controlling by a Monkey

  • thatflipnigga

    floydd mayweather is conceited and acting to cocky but when he wanted fight manny he came up with so many excuses.Mayweather cant hold his own when it comes to running his mouth and one of these days he's going run into wrong person and he might meet his maker or end up all bloody with broken bones and teeth.

  • your the best

    look who's talking! when pacman & marquez fight they are equal on the ring (weight) but when guy fight marquez you'r over weight & still run like a chicken on the ring. sure you'r the best chicken dancer on the ring.

  • jsmith

    Let's not buy this fight on May 1st so that this egomaniac hoodlum from Vegas will realize and come to his senses what he's saying.

  • Dodo

    Mayweather is a dodohead. All he does is shoulder roll and swat a fly with his right hand. All Filipinos unite: boycott and get the fight via youtube.

  • ben

    this gaywaEther just say a lot of things that do not make sense. pacquiao is not good, one dimensional blah blah blah. you really lost ur mind like ur dad and uncle. I guess it is hereditary. LISTEN FLOYD...ALL U HAVE TO DO IS FIGHT PACQUIAO AND GET OVER WITH..IF U REALLY BELIEVE U R THE BEST...WE DOUBT...TO BE HONEST..


  • I love boxing

    Thats true Pacquiao Knockout twice in his career but pacquiao is a complete fighter now.Pacquiao wants to fight mayweather but mayweather always makes excuses if he is a great fighter fight manny....he want manny to take drug testing he must take the drug testing too...

  • I love boxing

    Mayweather always say he wants to clean the sport but he must prove if he is also clean...

  • I love boxing

    Its not fair for Manny accusing him without a proof...If mayweather is the best, prove it! FighT all the elite fighter in the welterweight division or Jr. Middleweight division show me what you've got Mayweather!

  • TK

    Woudn't have Pacquiao in my top 10 pound for pound.

  • Lito Nucum

    Mayweather can say what he wants and he will be shut up soon as he pay dearly on defamation suit by Pacman.
    He claim to be the best but the Facts
    and Records says differently. No.2 on Ring Magazine P4P rating, No.2 Fighter of the Year, No.2 Fighter of the decade,No.2 Welterweight Champion, Not in Time Magazine Most Influential Man of the Year, Not in the Best Fighter Ever rating. So, Who is No.1, non other than Pacman, and thats a Fact.

  • POW!!!

    What a dumb ass nuthugger manny already agree to take the drug test here's what he said b4 u dumb fuk

    I’m not against Blood testing. Just not the day of the fight. I’ve had that happen in the (first) Morales fight. I lost that fight and my body felt very weak. I don’t feel I recovered. That is why I don’t want blood testing close to the fight.” Manny Pacquiao,

  • NEIL P


  • Manny, punches like a .50 caliber Magnum... Mayweather, has his Kevlar shoulder roll... BUT we all know that Kevlar can only sustain so much damage until it fails and we all KNOW that Manny has infinite ammo always ON (stamina) thus it will be Manny breaking down Mayweather in the end. You must realize it folks... Manny's destined for GREATNESS.

  • RespectoMan

    I have to give respect to a man who is willing to take testing to the next level and prove to the world he is a natural and not an artificial specimen.

  • RespectoMan

    Im going to speak in behalf of common sense. Man looks like a juicer, man acts like a juicer, man runs from juicer test. Then man is probably a juicer.

  • I never thought I'd say this but.. this nigga Floyd really need to get gunned down wit somethin light and compact!!!! like a .40caliber baby Desert Eagle.. Floyd could never be Arron Pryor let alone Ali.. this nigga time is up!!!!!

  • Lito Nucum

    Floyd cannot deal with the Facts, Floyd will always be No.2, until he fight No.1, he cannot be No.1

  • mharvs

    Gayweather thats thru that you beat juan manuel marquez,and manny struggle to Him, but my question is this, did you fight Jaun Manuel on the Weight limit or you are overweight? Floyd Mongoloid Mayweather.. Thats better, Mongoloyd mayweather... Best coward fighter of the year, who beats JMM by cheating his Weight beats Hatton by chance and afraid to face COtto thats why he retire...

  • Jump off the cliff if you survive you're an alien what are you afraid of? It's the only chance to prove all the doubts about you

  • Gayweather

    I want Mosley to beat him down really bad.

  • Gayweather

    boycott PPV May 1st because of Gayweather.. just watch the replay its free!!!

  • vince

    wahaha... floyd is the best... the best in running around the ring... and never really engage to the exchange of punches... ur such a joke... your not worthy to be compared to ali and ray robinson... your make a fool of yourself.... such a shame!!!

  • Mr. Fully

    For pac, mayweather, mosley, they are not at the end of their careers their is alot of fights still out thier, in my opinion I don't think mayweather have to prove to fight anybody. I'm still not covinced on the pacman because he been fighting fighters from his promotion that I think cotto and clottely took dives,

  • Mr. Fully

    For me, If mayweather wants to to be rake the title from Robinson or Ali , he have to fight Paul Williams or Andre Ward. I'm not saying to be great you have to jump to heavyweight but never forget the heavyweight title is the only title that the sport of boxing was risen from. and we fellow boxing fans forget that.

  • Mr. Fully

    For Pacman , forget Mayweather, please take a fight with Paul Williams! I do not see anybody on thse boards calling for a fight between Pacquio and Williams!

  • all i say is try to look on mayweather fight is a fu.ckin BORING fight and you can ask yourself is he a BOXER?...lol a turtle chicken on the ring...why is he a turtle?..his head behind his shoulder during his fight and why a chicken ofcourse he always run and run inside the ring...thats a Big joke on you mayweather..ur such a gay retarded nigga!

  • @ MR Fully,...lmao try to read your comment for sure your laughing for yourself...noob!...

  • joseph


  • poor little , you always talk and talk and talk and talk.....or i should your a chicken shhhhhet. you say your the best. Best of what? you cant even destroy the face of (manuel manuel)Marquez, and call your self the best?your days are too far over, we have our pride now, the real pound for pound king and the living legend that ever live.....Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao.
    Show the world too, take a test. psychologically......LOL


  • Floyd – Mr. Hallucinogen

    Floyd - how many hallucinogens are you taking??? honors/accolades are bestowed/earned not claimed. You should seriously reflect why Pac is the best boxer of the year and the decade.

  • Floyd – Mr. Hallucinogen

    Floyd claiming to be a better boxer that Sugar Ray Robinson (that is f___king crazy); better than Ali (that is blasphemy against the King); better than Pac (who is no. 1 P4P in practically all media organizations - its Pac). You reap what you sow (if you sow SH_T, then SH_T you will get).

  • stacks

    Man this clown FRAUD MAYWEATHER needs to step his game up and quit fighting lightweights. This nigga needs to fight a prime Mosley, not the washed up 40 year old Mosley.



  • To Floyd - Mr. Hallucinogen

    I hope UR not talking about Manny when you say PAC.. PAC is reserved for the GOAT... makaveli nah meaaaaaaan jelly bean

  • BigWill

    Money may you have lost all respect with the public to regain that respect all you have to do is fight Pac man quit being a big mouth coward every sport has a set amount of rules quit trying to make up your own rules they are what they are untill the comission changes them

  • bawse,


  • @Skullgizzy

    Noobs &+ weirdo's ... Money Mayweather aint going to let NO money slipp away... remember that!

  • Mr. Fully

    all you posts heads never been in a boxing match before i have 24 wins and 2 loses and never been knock out in my life, you ass hole are just clowns and don't know shit about boxing and who is a good or great boxer. boxing is about being smart, 75% mental and 25% conditioning.

  • Mr. Fully

    don't even get me started on MMA, in which I think its a great sport but in America it have to many rules, all my fights I fought in japan the same league just like many pacqiuio, and agian i give credit to pacman where its do, but he have not fought a fighter like Paul williams in which paul can shift his weight from 147-175, thats scary.

  • Wesley

    Yeah floyd, you can't just claim accolades and praises like you are doing. You have to be bestowed with these things and that is what is happening to Manny Pacquiao. Everyone is bestowing these accolades on him, not you, so you have to claim them yourself. You are big Joke.

  • TK

    @Mr Fully
    Sorry you hard c..t! Fighting in Japapn. List all the notable boxers you fought over there. The reason you fought in Japan was probs cause you couldn't make it in the U.S. Seeing as your the expert tell me if you honestly think "packman" would last against mayweather.

  • LLLS

    Yo it's a drug test. Shit is simple. Why should Floyd play stupid and fuck his legacy up. We all know PAC is takeing roids. You fuck heads need to quit hateing on the best fighter in today's time.


    @TK and POW!!!!!
    fuck off alright, do you know how boring you guys are wanting to stay on this website talking shit! get a life!

  • TK

    Finally someone else who agrees pacman's overated and mayweather is the the number 1 fighter in the world.


    gayweather such a talkative "coward". the best move u can do is TO FIGHT PACMAN" dont talk too much excuses.
    and ur shame to tell that ur better than ALI & Robinson. F_U

  • Sharma213

    Regardless of what Mayweather says he still 40-0 with no draws or losses ...the man has the right to talk as much smack as he wants..he has the right to say he is the best because he has clean record then Ali(5 losses) and sugar (19 losses) granted Ali was smooth in and out the ring and sugar fought 202 fights,r which is more then any, problem is Mayweather's flashy too flashy hence he's hated on...yeah I said it ....

  • Dan Platts

    Gayweather mouths is faster than his hands.He wants an escapegoat to avoid Paqman.If you really a man of honor, submit your self for drug testing ang throw it for Paqman.You cant control the rules because you are not champion.To much talking means coward in the world boxing.remember dirty tricks never won in the eyes of the people. I am not for Paqman but thats our opinion..

  • Dan Platts

    Gayweather is better than Ali and Robinson.Its true - if there is sport for dirty talking & scaping.

  • j

    half of yall is talking bs manny is using Growth hormone drug and any one tha know oxing know it. dude ducking any one the point of the matter is manny back out of the fight because he didn't want to take the test but every 30 day or some bs to let the drugs out

  • LLLS

    Yea T.K. I agree with you my dude. I don't understand wats up with all the hate with mayweather.

  • TONE

    Til someone whoops his ass like you all are thinking, he can say whatever the fuck he wants! Stop hating.

  • Wesley

    Yeah, 99% of the world hates gayweather cause he is a liar, a cheat, he contradicts himself too much, and last but not least, he a ugly mutha.

  • floydfan

    Gayfloyd,pee and fight thats all you need.dont talk too much you look like boyfloyd.

  • dell

    Idiots. U die hard pac fans are the only fans that hate Mayweather. We Americans think drug testing is Great. Go ahead and boycott the fight while the rest of USA watches. He doesnt need ur support. May 1st you'll understand that without paquiao floyd is the biggest draw in the sport. Lol just watch the ppv numbers sore past manny 700,000. I want you to have expected it.

  • dell

    u pac fans are waisting ur time talking about floyd. See Floyd is making 40 million without manny for this fight on may 1st because he is his own boss. Manny pacquiaoonly got 6 million for fighting clottey after arum robbed him blind. Hell mosley is getting 6 million for this fight. ppv numbers don't lie. Just watch as your boycott fails. More people like floyd then u think. Idiots

  • negro as iam

    dude you are a jealous negro period.... dude you a scared negro period....dude you are a rich negro period.....dude you are a very good boxer period.... dude you are a drug baby period.....that's why your thinking ain't right period.....

  • madman

    i'm sure floyd will get his first defeat either from Mosley or Pacman. And when that happens, it will be the end of the line.

  • TK

    so there are people on this website who know about boxing. All you pac lovers can think what you want now and just wait till may 1 and then you won't be bagging on May. And your attempt to boycott the ppv won't work cause people, even if they don't like Floyd as a person, know and want to see his skill in the ring.

  • Wesley

    I think floyd realized his little pitty-patty punches were not hurting Hatton so he resorted to using his elbow. He also used his elbows in his first Castillo fight. When you watch the end of the fight and Michael Buffer is getting ready to read the results, floydroid looks like he saw a ghost, he clearly knows he lost that fight. All three commentators think he lost that fight.

  • Peping

    Floyd doesn't need the vote from any of the sport writers to put him on list of the Boxing's Best because he already voted for himself as all time best, even better than Ali and Robinson as what he proudly self-confessed. I think Mayweathers are clan of bipolars.

  • PankLucas

    Even though I am not a fan of Floyd, I have to admit that everything he said was completely true whether we like it or not. Its some bullshyt that him and Pacman will never fight but we cant deny the fact that everyone they put in front of him got they @ss whooped. And he has fought some of the best and moved up from 130.

  • A-Beatz of WTNRRADIO.COM

    Floyd...THE MAJORITY OF THE FANS AND BOXIN ANYLISTS SAY MANNY PACQUIAO IS THE BEST OUT THERE, PERIOD. LIKE RIC FLAIR ALWAYS SAID..."TO BE THE MAN...YOU GOTTA BEAT THE MAN!!" Once you do that...and DECISIVELY..you can talk all the trash you want, and it will be justified. For now...it's just TRASH.

  • Terry

    Pacman started as a pro at age 16. Tell us floyds people - how many fights did floyd lose after age 16 when he was an amateur? Perfect record? Not if you treat him the same way you treat Pacman.

  • Terry

    Pacman 7 for 7 is already one of the greatest of all time. What more do you floyd fans want him to prove. And why is floyd not held to the same standard.

  • May1st

    seems like all yall are haters of floyd..while yall hating he still getting paper..and if he think he number 1..let him think that..i sometimes say nobody better than me in things.watch may 1...floyd can back his mouth up.

  • Rj

    wat kkinda shyt iz that how thiz nigga gone say he better then tha best i think i'll woop his ass i mean i think he 1 of tha best right now but i think ali would n sugar ray would giv it 2 his ass

  • TK

    41 from 41! No.1 fighter on earth.

  • E S

    Not to take away from Mayweather's talents or abilities..but Ali and Robinson fought the fights that were in front of the public eye not the ones they wanted (for themselves)to most likely guarantee victory. Most of Floyd's career has been about being in his comfort zone, he will not be the same legacy as the others.