Mack 10 Responds To Ice Cube’s ‘Kiss The Ring’ Comment, Explains The Pair’s Beef

By Ronnie Gamble   /   Published 04/06/10

Mack 10Aside from controversy with newcomers over the title of his upcoming album, Ice Cube also raised eyebrows recently when he discussed his situation with former Westside Connection partner Mack 10.

The pair haven't spoken or worked together in years. But recently, when asked if he'd ever reconcile with Mack, Cube said anything's possible, but for him to even consider it, Mack 10 would have to "kiss the ring first".

Of course, Mack 1-0 heard about the comment, and addressed it in a recent interview with, saying it made him laugh.

"I laughed. I see that he's taking his comedy to the next level now," the rapper said. "When I heard the 'kiss the ring' comment, I just had to laugh because that's comedy. That's where I'm at with it. I don't know what he's tripping off of.

"I guess it's more of a big deal than what I thought it was," Mack later added.

Many have debated about what the feud between Mack and Cube was over, but both artists have never clearly explained their beef. All we've heard is that it was over an argument between Mack's people and a member of Cube's family.

The Inglewood rapper confirmed rumors, but even to this day, says he doesn't understand how Cube could break up the Westside Connection trio over it.

"I didn't do anything to him and he didn't do anything to me. We had an argument and I guess it was taken the wrong way because his wife was present," Mack 10 explained. "If she wasn't there, we would probably still be doing records. His brother-in-law was disrespectful in a certain way ...

"It was over his disrespectful brother-in-law and I guess that's what he meant when he said that I crossed the line or the family line," he continued. "I didn't cross any line. He (the brother-in-law) got into it with several of my people. To keep it real with you, I don't know what dude is tripping off of. Whatever happened that night, it wasn't worth The Westside Connection not doing anymore records together."

Mack 10 claims that even before the argument took place, the tension was brought to Cube's attention in an attempt to diffuse things, but he chose not to address it. When things finally escalated into an argument, Cube stood by his brother, and cut Mack off.

"It was brought to Cube about three or four times before the bullsh** happened," he explained. "If I bring something to you three or four times and you don't do anything about it -- I mean just because a kid is your kid doesn't mean he has the right to go spitting about anybody. The argument and the brother-in-law wasn't worth throwing away the Westside Connection over in my opinion."

Despite the recent long history between the pair, Mack says he's not worried about Ice Cube or possible reunion with the Westside Connection. At the present moment, he's focused on his Hoo Bangin' Records label and its next release, a collaborative album with Glasses Malone called Money Music, set to drop the same day as Cube's upcoming album, I Am The West.

Both will hit stores July 13.

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  • fatty loc

    Cube need 2 make his punk ass brother in law kiss the pinky ring that rite there is messing with the money and the group get it together the WEST need this

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  • Google >> SkullGizzy

    Old news.....i seen this 2days ago




    props to mack 10 for not gettin too entangled over the kiss the pinky ring sh!t but this is startin to sound like b!tches on ricky lake or jerry springer and on that westside connect thang? sh!t i guess it wasn't bigger than life after all cuz it juz took sum dumb azz sh!t to break them apart and where is wc in all this? is he hip hop's version of where's waldo?

  • stanknasty

    a lot of people can relate to this sh*t were people dont be checking there family members and when the situation blows up they're all surprised. The message in this story is check yo peoples.

  • mistersims

    i respect wc man he doesnt do dat whole rap beef shit yeah his wit cube but never said a thing same when cube and cypress hill got into it real beef isn't 2 grown men talkin shit on records FACT.

    as for cube n mack they both doing there thing and if there music is solid gon fucks wits both and since when is mack and g malone doing an album 2gather i want g malones solo first univerisal get yer shit togather

  • Kaje

    Glasses Malone shouldve been got a release date for a solo album but they blew that one ol well.

  • ButcherChop

    Cube - "I got an ego bigger than Heathrow"

  • Javaughnhart

    Yea thats some straight bull mack dissed cypress hill and common wit cube two beefs that did not involve him in the least bit and for him not to consider mack family is bold man

  • ashley

    mack 10 needs to focus on his child support before his sick ex wife and child is thrown out onn the street

  • Apollo Lewis From Texas

    Shut your bitch ass up

  • Apollo Lewis From Texas

    These niggas

  • John Phillips

    Yep. I got nothing but respect for Cube, but he needs to handle business a little better I think. Sounds like his wife is basically running things. I have a wife too and I know the difficulties, but business is business and real dogs are rare so you don't give them up so easily. Had Mack dissed his wife directly it would be a whole different thing, but a brother-in-law is not the same thing. Don't let the Cube start melting.

  • Sello Reginald

    I believe mack's been homies with cube long before he knew his punkass brother in law,Cube is a bitch with an attitude_FOE LIFE!

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    Yeah, and Mac 10 is a bitch ass wife beater who now looks like a tweaker.

  • Grape Street Warrior

    I am the west...... But didnt have a reply for Kam or a rebuddle back for Common..... And stole a Cypress Hill song..... Looks like Cube aint as good as people thought haha

  • Chase

    Come on men ,y'all go to far back and friends are to hard to come by, I love both of u dudes, make it right, ur real fan, Chase

  • Fredo Santana┬┤s No.1 Roach

    Real Spit.

  • Fredo Santana┬┤s No.1 Roach

    Cube a great rapper but he seem like a bitch ass nigga in real life.