Rev Run’s Son Diggy Simmons Inks Deal With Atlantic Records

Diggy SimmonsAnother one of the children of "Run's House" is following in his father's footsteps by becoming a rapper.

This time, it's Rev Run's middle son, Daniel "Diggy" Simmons.

The 15-year-old Diggy recently inked a recording deal with Atlantic Records, where he'll be releasing his debut album.

"Taking a tour of the Atlantic offices ... This is real surreal right now, its official!" Diggy tweeted (@Diggy_Simmons). "Real thankful just takin it all in!"

Simmons created a buzz for himself with his first mixtape The First Flight, which he dropped late last year. But, according to, it wasn't until he freestyled over Nas' "Made You Look" that people began to take notice.

A viral video of the song circulated across the Internet, helping him create a fanbase. From there, labels started reaching out. This week, he joined Atlantic, home to other major recording artists such as T.I., Lupe Fiasco, and Trey Songz.

Diggy blogs about all his fashion and music tastes on his blog, Life of The Jet Setter. Head over there to check out some of his stuff.

Diggy isn't the only Simmons to hit the rap game, his older brother JoJo is part of a rap group called Team Blackout. He was thrilled of his young brother's deal.

"Diggy is gon take over and I'm there to support him! Family don't compete with each other, we complete each other," JoJo wrote on his Twitter.

  • mercedes1010

    Rev.RUN is a fake rev. and all of his kids are brats and his wife is a cry baby, all she do is wine!


    rich ass spoiled kids neva become good rappers ...

  • A-Beatz of WTNRRADIO.COM

    Hey man, I congradulate him on this achievement. I think the Simmons family is a STAND UP family and great rolemodels. Diggy...good luck man! Would love to interview you for my radio show on Holler at me! Check out my show! "THE DIG'EM SHOW" (IM NOT KIDDING, thats the name!) TUESDAYS 10am to 2pm hosted by A-Beatz

  • show stoppin

    Yall a bunch of haters... U just mad ur not in there shoes! So quite hating and get your game up! Much love to does doing great things in life!

  • Congrats Diggy,Do Ya Thing...
    Forget the Haters...they can keep their opinions to themselves.

  • I wish that dude well.

  • david

    Not surpirse,was itcoming,i think JoJo will have himself to blame if he trying competing his baby brother,Diggy is too good for him.

  • NO HATE, run knows he is a fake rev. and he knows his kids are brats. im just speaking the truth.


    Hahahahaha! It's sad when lil bro drop one freestyle and he get a deal and his lame big brother can't get his name on a flyer. Go Diggy! @ Beast and mercedes, you're the only ones hating. That's ugly. Every rapper don't need to be ghetto ass niggers.

  • @skullgizzy

    Diggy must be a beast if he gotta record deal with a successful label ... ima have to look him up on youtube

  • NO HATE, run knows he is a fake rev. and he knows his kids are brats. im only speaking the truth.

  • Dont surprise me!!!

    Make you wonder what Russy and Miley gon do for theyself when they get older.



    @merceds1010, it feels like hate, maybe I'm wrong. He's a little kid we need some of them too. Listen to his freestyle, it's better than I expected.

  • No thanks! I refuse to fall for that bullshit.the only reason he got that deal is because run is his father. He didnt pay no dues nothing but a brat. Just like master p want my respect you gotta earn that deal not given to you on a silver platter.

  • I remember the episode when Diggy came in the studio with JoJo & was all shy on the mic. Ha!

    Good shit. Might as well throw his hat in the ring. It may land somewhere decent.



    Real thankful just takin it all in.....



    hell yeah I hate ,plus Im jealous as fuccc ,wish I was growin up rich like that ,would've been great !! Plus I would come up with the idea to become a rapper or actor or designer aswell ,since I wouldn't have to care bout payin bills .
    P.S. folks who keep callin people haters are DOUCHEBAGS ,so I rather be a hater after all ...hatehatehate


    AND if I will ever be rich like that ,I'd send my kids to harvard ,to oxford ,thats smthn good in my eyes ,education !


    Diggy wasn't freestylin! All that sounds written to me!

  • lakersbaby

    no need ocomment moma always said if you cant say something nice then keep your mouth shut to people with hater raid need to worry about your own life somebody alway got somethin negitive to say... they got it and maybe you dont

  • realboyNOhatin

    i cant stand that lil arogant peace of shit. ol rick spoiled mutha*****. nobody aint gone like hime wen gt jojo age jus look at bowwow, yea ware he at