Lil Wayne Finally Begins One Year Jail Sentence

Lil WayneAfter a series of live video streams and goodbyes on concert stages, Lil Wayne was finally sentenced to a year in jail on Monday (March 8), as part of a plea deal for a 2007 gun charge.

According to the Associated Press, his lawyer Stacey Richman said the rapper was resolute as he was taken away.

"He knew what he had to do, and he's doing it," she told the news provider.

The rapper (real name: Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.) will serve out his sentence at the Island jail complex, where he's expected to be held in protective custody. However, the city's Correction Department said it was still deciding on that.

Protective custody is given to inmates who, for a variety of reasons including notoriety, require separation from the general prison population.

If he has no infractions while behind bars, he could be released in about eight months with good behavior.

Lil Wayne was arrested in July 2007 for a gun possession charge in Manhattan. Just last year, he pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon, admitting guilt to having a loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic gun on his tour bus.

In his final tweet before heading to court, Weezy told followers he'll be back.

"Law is mind without reason ... I'll return," he tweeted (@LilTuneChi) Monday morning.

  • mercedes1010

    Wayne dont have nothing to worry about. The rikers island jail guards are gonna be trippin over each other to give him v.i.p treatment. Wayne will have a cell phone, food from the outside, drugs and anything else he wants! Those guards are gonna get paid!!

  • anzee11

    God bless him.


  • slab

    bout time this nigga just took the L

  • undadog

    Good to see that regardless of his fame and wealth he still has to bend over and take it like the rest of us.

  • sexysabs


  • capton california

    Dat nigga gon have a nerous break down in dat mofo

  • devon

    Don't he bang?half of Rikers are bloods he amongst family right?all that tough talk these rappers are so phony & feminine,doesn't he catch bodies?he 5'9 150 lbs go dj good luck.

  • JayDee

    UndaDog You Are Correct!!!
    I Hope He GEts Anal Raped!!
    BTW Rebirth was a piece of shit!!

  • SOO WOO..


  • Dookie

    Good, no more wack ass freestyle guest appearances. Somebody should tell this nigga just because he dont write his lyrics down, does not mean that shit tight. Pick the pen back up you rap about nothin ass nigga

  • Dookie

    But its amazin how T.I. crime was way worse but somehow they got the same sentence.

  • @skullgizzy

    That's dat N* Weeeeeeezyyyyy!

  • 8ting-Beautiful

    I'll hold ya down baby boi......dat sh@t pass by quit. Don't worry you'll be aiight. You are PROTECTED!!!!!!

  • Adrienne Blaze

    LilWayneNavy is about to expand!!!
    No bars can hold down my man!!!
    You are still the best babe, that time ain't nada if you don't catch any more cases..1/2 time baby=)
    And watch their dumb asses are just gonna add to your fame, and take you higher in the game!
    So FTW, do your thing babe, holla atch ya girl=)