50 Cent Sued By Florida Woman Over Sex Video Released In ‘Pimpin’ Curly’ Series

50 Cent as Pimpin' CurlyA Florida woman filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent this week, claiming he unlawfully distributed her homemade sex video over the Internet.

According to the Associated Press, Lastonia Leviston filed her suit in Manhattan on Wednesday (February 24), claiming the rapper (real name: Curtis Jackson) used her name and image without permission in a viral video released last year.

50 Cent allegedly posted the video last March, via his affiliate website BooBooTV.com, as a part of a viral smear campaign of rival rapper Rick Ross.

In the suit, she says 50 blurred the face of her lover in the clip, and acts as the narrator. The vid in question was part of a digital mini-series where he goes by his persona Pimpin' Curly, and dressed in a wig and robe.

In the clip he hurls insults at both Ross and Leviston, who he refers to as "Brooke" in the viral video.

"I want you to watch this on your tour bus Ricky. I want you to watch this on your motherf***in' tour bus Ricky," Fif says in the clip, as Curly. "Now how the f**k you gonna say you a boss and you run a motherfucking crew and can't even control your bitches. Is this n**** licking on the Rick Ross tattoo? The n**** licking on the Ricky tattoo. Oooh sh**. Oooh man. Somebody need to make an announcement!"

Leviston says the tape was made in 2008.

She is claiming the video caused her emotional distress, due to the public release of the clip.

At press time, it was unknown what Leviston is seeking in damages.

50's camp has yet to comment on the suit.

  • cnote785

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  • @skullgizzy

    Not to be rude but D*mn 50 is wack anyway f*ck that dude no one cares about him....

  • Diva

    50 has been blessed by the Lord. Now he needs to stop all his foolishness and come on home before its too late. I wish him well.

  • I'm with 50 on this... damn sis fucking and sucking without a rubber in 2008? She's WACK!


    This is funny, his stupid little plan is backfiring. Tia Kemp is trash so she would have been cool with him pissing in her face, for the right price. Rick Ross wins again.

  • Like they always say:

    You do dirt,

    Dirt gon come back to ya.

    Sorry Fif had to learn the hard way.


  • jacqueline estrella

    Fifty you are intelligent, talented,and a doll. You will figure things out.. 1Luv

  • slab

    Aaaah lol another broke bitch ryna make a buck talkin bout emotional distress(which is a bullshit claim might I add).

    *footnote* This whole pimpin curly Rick Ross/50 beef was wack

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  • …perfect example.

    i think you guys fail to realize it duznt matter about the law suit - he just exposed ross again!

  • Jazzypha

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