El-P Says Definitive Jux Label Is Going On ‘A Hiatus’

By Ronnie Gamble   /   Published 02/03/10

El-PAfter a 10-year run as a force in the indie hip-hop world, is Definitive Jux Records finally closing its doors? Sort of, says founder El-P.

In a recent blog entry on the label's official website (DefinitiveJux.net), label founder and recording artist El-P gave fans an update about what's going on at Def Jux.

While El-Producto says new projects are on the way -- including the forthcoming release of the late Camu Tao's King of Hearts LP -- je revealed that he'll be stepping away as artistic director to focus on being a producer and artist.

"I'm stepping away from my duties as artistic director for the label to concentrate on what I love most: being a producer and an artist full time," El-P wrote. "This is something I've been contemplating for a few years now, and can't think of a better time or, with the eventual release of Camu's record, a more poetic way to transition into a new direction."

El-P says he'll be wrapping up a few upcoming projects -- such as the King of Hearts LP, a Def Jux remix compilation, a 10 year anniversary retrospective, and "some other goodies" -- but then, Def Jux is being put on a hiatus ... sort of.

The indie rap star says he plans to move his label into a new direction, outside of the traditional record label format. What this means? We're not really sure.

"DEF JUX will effectively be put on hiatus. We are not closing, but we are changing," El-P said. "The process is already underway, and the last several months (for those wondering what the hell we've been up to) have been spent dealing with the technical aspects of wrapping up the label in it's current form and re-imagining our collective and individual futures.

"The evolution of this industry is, in my opinion, exciting, inevitable and it would be nice to see the DEFINITIVE JUX brand be a part of it," he continued.

El-P says the traditional format no longer makes sense, and for no, he plans to go "back-to-basics."

"The fun stuff: sitting in the studio and immersing myself in music, performing it for for my fans when the time comes and whatever (or wherever) else might be out there creatively for me," he explained of what "back-to-basics" meant. "That's how it all started and that's how the next phase will begin."

The current and past Def Jux roster includes Aesop Rock, Cage, Cannibal Ox, Del, Murs, Hangar 18, Dizzee Rascal, Company Flow, RJD2, C-Rayz, and more.

What this means for the current stable of Def Jux artists is currently unknown.

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    Can't wait for "king of hearts"
    RiP Mu-Zilla

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    this is old news...Def Jux fell off a while back so not really upset over this news..

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