Former B2K Member, J-Boog, Arrested For Domestic Violence

Former B2K singer, J-Boog, was arrested at his Los Angeles home on Monday (January 4) on a domestic violence charge.

According to TMZ, the musician (real name: Jarell Damonte Houston) was arrested during the late afternoon and hit with for "corporal punishment on a spouse", as well as for outstanding warrants relating to an allegedly bad driving record.

Neighbors told the site that they heard screaming in the house earlier in the day. When police finally showed, 6 or 7 squad cars came.

At press time, it was unclear who J-Boog was charged with assaulting.

However, he is unmarried, but is reportedly dating his baby's mother.

  • cali

    who cares he a nobody

  • capton california

    Look who wanna b chris brown all of a sudden..

  • b.k. da wrestler

    U know better then put your hands on female when u dealing with disagreement.I'm glad he's arrested and learn his lession,This is like chris brown all over again 4 2k10

  • dretruth

    dummy didn't you see the chris brown story? big lil dummy.

  • Gina G.


  • John

    Is everybody trying to steal the villian spotlight from breezy now? Not that I have anything against chris I'm just saying.

  • slab


  • I happen to know both of them personally and TRUST ME you cannot believe everything u read! Yes there was an argument but he did NOT follow in the steps of Mr. Chris Brown. I'm sorry that this situation has been fabricated as much as it has and the fact that they show a pic of him with his infant daughter is ridiculous and totally misleading.

  • TMZ is FOS!!!

  • Maybe now that he's done this you'll report on everything he does too ( rihanna and chris brown anyone) Don't try to feign concern for Rihanna now because before Feb 2009 you barely mentioned that girl now you report on her " hot" bikini body and new man.

  • Who cares, i know you really don't you just probably feel obligated to be nice after posting her face after the assault ( noticed you never posted her nude shots or pointed out any discrepancies that she stated in her 20/20 interview- you know what I'm talking about, maybe that's just a coincidence). And try to not only attempt to show black men in such a negative light, doesn't make you look good and I notice a trend here. do better in 2010 TMZ

  • brandi