Shyne’s Prison Release On Hold Due To Immigration Status

ShyneShyne was set to be released from prison on Tuesday (October 6), but it looks like it's been placed on hold pending review.

The former Bad Boy Records recording artist (real name: Jamal Barrow) had served nine years of a 10-year sentence in connection with a shooting at a New York nightclub in 2001 involving Bad Boy label head Diddy, and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

However, his released is on hold while officials determine whether or not Shyne should be deported back to Belize, where he was born.

A rep confirmed this news with MTV Tuesday.

"Shyne is currently in federal custody while his future immigration status is determined," the rep said.

So, the rapper has not been released, and is still in custody.

At press time, it was unclear when the matter would be resolved.

Stay tuned.

  • LouMinati718

    Can't wait to hear Shyne, he gonna get really ugly on the ppl who turn their backs on him..He took jail time for Diddy..Watch out now!

  • joe

    this fucking system

  • I hope and pray that they leave Shyne alone. The man did time for Didy's punk ass bcause he was true to the code of silence. B4 he eva snitch He would lie in a ditch. Let the man live his life free from ths B.S. This system is f'd up I hope they do a Slick Rick and allow Shyne to stay in USA and make up for lost time. He has the potential to change the Balance of power in Rap and bring back New York. I been tired of these other lollipop rappers and Dirty south dancers. Free Shyne Po.

  • Tookie

    I didnt know shine was Mexican

  • kamaukali

    His "team" should have saw this coming?

  • Philly-O

    Free Shyne so we can hear another joint as hot like "Bad Boys", that track is hotter than 95% of what's on the radio today, that's why I still bump it after all these years.

  • devon

    These fucking devils,let this man go home to Brooklyn that's where his mother resides 9 years served out of 10 what the fuck & Puff running around robbing niggas & fucking up careers,I hope his new album goes double copper piece of shit.

  • for boy try to joke on him cuz evidentally he converted to bein a jew while in prison...sayin his lyrics wld be wack comin from a jew..but shyne is sick. regardless and i know hes been holdin onto ish thats been on his chest bout all this crap.... i <3 soooo fn glad hes bout to be out...n FN immigration..stupid #%# people...they jus aint tryna see him get paid...damn

  • DC


  • Beba

    Shyne should hook up wit Jay n make a killa comeback... dont Y'all think??

  • Beba

    Good luck!!!

  • Rated G

    Free shyne Bitch!!!

  • Delvery

    You know shyne shouldnt had to do time Diddy is a No good I dont care how much he has done diddy know what he did to that man just like he did to R.I.P BIGGY AN PAC......

  • JRoc Dundada

    Shyne should have bitchass poopbutt puff daddy be wacked 4 turnin & tellin on him after wackin dude & saveing his life !!! diddy is a fake rapper that is under witness protection !!!

  • Nell

    hell he was legal enuff to sit in they prison but not legal enuff to live!!! snh!!! THE SYSTEM IS F*CK'D UP!!!

  • Robert Brown

    shyne need to come home and put puff in a box

  • Robert Brown

    free shyne now

  • jv

    Look people, when someone that's not from this country commits a crime, they as usually deported back to their native country. Don't wanna go back, don't do a crime.

    By the way Belize is not in Mexico and I hope someone snitches their ass off if something happened to me or mine.

  • tristan

    FREE SHYNE ! I'm from Belize,currently living in CHI-TOWN.I wanna see this dude make it in da hip hop industry 4 real.Da hell wit P _Diddy


    YEAH KID, hes getting the phuck outta here I LOVE THIS SYSTEM another LEACH GONE! (hopefully)

  • T

    9 yrs for a shooting-plax only gets 20 months for shooting himself WTF court system

  • T

    And dante stallworth only serves 30days for killing a man w/ his car. Guns/cars dont matter-there still weapons.

  • rikrude

    i hope he does get deported back to where he came from,the last thing we need is another bad rolemodel for our kids...

  • If they send him back he will just sneak in like all the mexicans(no disrespect)Let him go but if he is not a US Citizen well they can deport him. All you immigrants stay low key.

  • a.t.f

    he's a sucker. diddy played him like a flute,fake wanna be ganster puff the magic dragon should of went to jail for wanting to be a ganster... want an idiot,should of been with jlo via penthouse enjoying that latin goddess with some bubbly.but noooo wanna show off how bad he is,please....

  • lov 2 hate

    just let an idiot do all the dirtywork,like shyne...he gets what he diserves for being a follower

  • yes

    free shyne.. diddy gon get CLAPP'D!

  • BigWill

    Men the system is fuck up all this time they let this man think he was going home then at the last minute they hit him with this shit 57 million ilegals in this bitch and wanna fuck this niggaa all this Bullshit for defending a punk that turn his back on you

  • sweet pea

    I think that this is a bunch of b.s after all this time why send him back over there I know he is pissed off about this shit but I say this keep ya head up maybe u'll be back sooner then u know it

  • Elina

    they couldn't figure that out the 9 years he was there. They just trying to keep up locked up like a caged animal!!!! Keep yo head up Shyne because that's EXACTLY what you will do when you come home!! You're in my prayers

  • So122

    Whom ever wrote Shyne is a mexican do your research idiot...Belize has a diverse society, composed of many cultures and speaking many languages. Although Kriol and Spanish are spoken among the population, Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language. It is bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the south and west, and the Caribbean sea to the east.So because it's bordered by mexico dosen't make him a Mexcian fall back!

  • robin lio

    yo diddy better brake shyne off,you know he took it for diddy,respect to shyne... most dudes would've snitch.....ayo!