Tupac vs. The Illuminati: Hmmmm … Is There More Behind This?

By Ronnie Gamble   /   Published 08/24/09

Tupac ShakurThe late Tupac Shakur was always one to speak his mind, even if it put his life in danger. This statement, many feel, led to his downfall and subsequent passing.

During his time in the limelight, Pac rapped and discussed topics such as his own death regularly, called out names of predominant street figures, and spoke extensively about the "Illuminati."

This Illuminati is a long-rumored secret society who is said to control governments and countries behind a curtain without the general population knowing. Could this group be behind the rapper's killing?

In searching Google, I've read several theories that about Pac being targeted by the Illuminati because of his influence and because he couldn't be controled. While a theory like this sounds crazy, it's widely discussed on the internet.

Here's an interesting three-part video series on YouTube, which features Tupac exposing the Illuminati, explaining why he named one of his last albums Makaveli: The Don Killuminati and its meaning, and several other conspiracy theories.

Killuminati : Tupac Exposing The Illuminati, Pt. 1

Killuminati : Tupac Exposing The Illuminati, Pt. 2

Killuminati : Tupac Exposing The Illuminati, Pt. 3

Killuminati : Tupac Exposing The Illuminati, Pt. 4

Sound off in the comments below. Tell us your thoughts, opinions ... and discuss this theory.

  • shiha

    Scary ish does the illuminatin realy exist?

  • Just Someone

    The government could care less about what 1 black man was saying. End of story.

  • mosdefsports

    Yes the illuminati exists. And yes the goverment does care what one black,white,brown,red,orange, whatever color man was saying or is saying. If u start talking enough and enough ppl start listing and you seem to be growing with a sense of power of a following that they fear. Then u can bet you are gona get a cap in your or ass your wig split or how ever u wana say get killed.

  • Slab

    Hate to say but the world will never know who killed PAC...

  • Sammie

    The Illuminati is trying to gain control over the world and then will be the coming of the Antichrist it's scary yes but be faithful in God and hope they will fail on their plan.Which has been planned for hundreds of years.Look at the statue of liberty and compare her face to princess Diana's they look exactly alike
    And she also did not want to join the Illuminati and was going to expose them and her own family killed her.

  • Killuminati
  • http://dvsinc.blogspot.com/ VENGEANCE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!





  • http://twitter Theh Ndlovu

    f*** C.I.A

  • Truth

    Hold up a second, All you people just started realizing this. Didnt you really listen and study his lyrics before or what? Give your heads a shake, damn.

  • soutsider

    pac is a down VATO. he was killed for letting us know what these devils running our country are doing. All those new rappers and even the old ones are bitch made puto puppets. Pac the only real rapper representing real G shit.

  • getsomegetright

    who do you think killed black panthers and american indian movment a.i.m but the kkk still alive..

  • Real Talk

    C.riminals I.n A.ction

  • Hamza umar

    Starin at d wrld thru ma rearview...

  • Westside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pac is still alive. He faked his own death. Pac will always be the reallist rapper ever. His music dominated the world. The only other artist that beat him was michael jackson... Pac is alive enjoying his freedom without the dramma from all you pac haters out there. Figge smalls 25 cent fake storm fake ditty will never had it like Pac did. PAC for every bitchesssssssss!!!!!!!!!

  • DarkGable

    Justsomeone if the govermant can careless as you say about 1 black person voice. Let's see you must not know to much about history. In that case the government wouldn't had conspired to kill Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and degrade all are black leaders who at one point was 1 Black Voice with many positive followers as Tupac had many fans.

  • tshembanani maluleke

    2pac what a lgend we have lost..fuck that

  • tshembanani maluleke

    why dont this illuminat dont show itself?

  • Deez Nuts

    they can't show themselves that the problem they hide behind trillionaires and government to protect themselves

  • dvs

    yeh we may never know who killed 2pac but SOMEONE knows...

    yeh illuminati shit is real...

    10% of the ppl of the world are awake and know wots really going on out there and 5% is the illuminati keeping the truth from the rest of the ppl sleeping out there...

  • :)

    KIILL ILLUMINATI.its not easy , but we've got to do it.

  • Don

    The illuminati is a joke! They don't have power! The power lies within the people not the government. If they were smart they would know that, it's common sense. I think if they were real they would get pretty ticked off about me saying they are a joke and I'm on the fast track to expose them! I have a bunch of information from inside sources that will forever tarnish their reputation! Ha checkmate!

  • henry

    every one that talks sh*t wants to get there a** kicked

  • ron

    che chea cheas

  • Dec3ptive

    "The government could care less about what 1 black man was saying. End of story."

    Tell that to jesus..no pun intended

    ...Although Jesus white with no money and pac was black whos dead and still making money.... Least we know those in governemtn aren't prejudice when killing others who threaten there power
    all the gotta do is kill him lol

  • http://www.resist.com Resist7610

    "The government doesn't care about what one black man is saying". That is COMPLETELY rediculous. There are people who only have five people who listen to them, and there are people who have five million. Therefore, you cannot classify Tupac as "one ordinary black man". John Lennon was killed for the SAME REASONS more or less. He was one man.

  • http://ballerstatus.com gdawg fo sho

    my name is lesane crooks jr.. my dad was eliminated by something far more advanced then we are ready to take down.. i am the new voice and many of my songs are under my dads name, what has to be done has to be done.. let it be when the tiem is right i will act

  • http://ballerstatus.com bradk

    hey resist7610 ur a dumbass....first off u cant even spell ridiculous right...secondly 2pac wasnt just 1 man, he had followers, he was a leader...he exposed some things that got him in trouble...if you think our gov't is legit then i feel sorry for you cuz ur blind to whats goin on behind closed doors...the president dont run this country

  • M.S27

    Fuck John Lennon, he was a bitch and a Alaister Crowley follower.

    Tupac don't fake he's death cuz he wasn't a coward. We have to continue his fight, fight against New World Order, the lie of global warming, swine flu vacines and for you all who think that Obama is a good president or something like that, think again, cuz he's just a fucken puppet.

  • JustSomeGuy

    Tupac was fraternal, his name change to Makaveli has to do with his "rebirth" as such and so does the constant showing of the number thirteen. Until people actually read history and study occult symbols, and understand mind control, money, and politics they'll never see whats going on. Tupac anti-illuminati? Sorry "Illuminati" bailed him out of prison,Death Row was an "Illuminati" establishment. The brotherhood of the snake has owned man since cultures existed.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Justagirl

    Watch Blood Sacrafice and then tell me what you think about it all it was have you going crazy!!!!

  • joe blow

    This is some real shit. It's inspiring. Get this shit on local access tv dude, don't let this issue die. It's real.
    ae911truth.org, mises.org

  • Rab

    we can and we have to do something about this. i can. i will. starting today. lets start a movement

  • MissRisse

    Alot of people are saying what they believe to be true about the illuminati but how many people are willing to stand up and take action against them? How many people are actually going to die for what they believe in (because if you take them on that will be the end result.) Something has got to be done.

  • Stillwaters run deep

    Man! illuminati is for real and is run by a council of thirteen. highest ranking family are the Rothschild family.

  • http://www.ballerstatus.com that white guy that everyone hates

    haha martin luther king jr died. wait..i mean boo hoo *wink wink*

  • NATE DOw

    MEN U ALL should know the truth about tupac he is just different from every man kind BABY FOCUSES ON GOD REFUSED TO BETRAY GOD AND NEARLY DIED but GOD MADE HIM UNTOUCHABLE BABY B

  • NATE DOw

    LISTEN TO THE SONG CLAP 2009 2pac thats crazy baby

  • abc

    Tupac was merkd by freemason

  • abc

    F*** illuminati killd pac killd biggie killd micheal jksn jus to run the wrld, thy gt jay z in the system hpe thy al diem the wrld too busy to realise ths bt hpe ppl wke up to reality, u thnk g bush gives orders? He jus a muupet tkes orders, u really thnk ths is a recession? Lol prt of the plan jus wait n c. Tupac was a soldja. Killuminati 2 the end ride or die muslim 4 lyfffffff

  • LaSheana Buxton

    i believe it's true..if more of us would read the BIBLE we wouldnt be so blind to the truth..as far as the government not caring about what 1 black man has 2 say, then y was MLK jr & malcolm X killed....think about it..research 4 urself

  • the CURTAIN

    you all remain the curtain which hides the truth only your self can set forth and free...

  • thugangelkilluminati

    even if da illuminati did kill him deresz nothin we can do about it 2day he wrote songsz about his own death so we can wonder n alwaysz think dat hes alive he said "id rather die like a man than live like a coward" buh i truely deeply believe dat hes alive n that he jus wanted 2 get out of the limelight i love him so much people tell me im crazy when i say that but i dont care i have hope dat hes out dere he also said "never will i die,ill be back reincarnated as a mothafuckin mack" which jus leavesz yu wonderin if he alive or not he said "expect me nigga expect me like u expect jesus 2 cum back expect me nigga im comin" n he said "like god ill cum back like a thief in da night" so when we all lose hope n give up about him comin back hell come n hell be strong as eva i love him so much

  • Mitchell

    So Sammie, what you're trying to say is sit back and do nothing? As from what you said "Sit back and pray." To me that's like saying "lets flip a coin and if i guess right everything will miraculously just work itself out." Do you see how untrue your statement is?

  • vernon

    alot of ppl said jenifer hudson was n it to. She had to kill somebody dat she loved nd i guess she just wanted to take 2 more ppl.

  • Ty

    the power in the US doesnt lie with the ppl whether you think so or not. why is there electorals?the president isnt elected by the people hes elected by the ppl that were elected by the ppl years ago. and sometimes shit wont even make sense. al gore shoulda been elected, thats who the ppl voted for. bbut bush won? explain that. why do you think our govmnt wont go by the popular vote? bc otherwise ther would be a leader not involved with the illuminati. why do you think barack obama beat hillary clinton in the primaries back when? he joined the illuminati. even jay z is in the illuminati. thats why he rhymes about it. why do you think jay z can fill entire stadiums wit ppl? by himself? MSG can usually get 6 or 7 rappers to rap in their stadium at once. jay z approached them n told them to only hire them, and hell sell out the entire stadium, something 6 or 7 rappers had never done at once. and he sold out the stadium!!! back when jay z 1st started getting in the rap game, he had a friend he rapped with all the time. back in the 80s, he was tired of being held back bc he couldnt get famous, but then he joined the illuminati. but his friend didnt. n now jayz is famous, but his friend isnt, noone knows about how he rapped back when with a homie he was supposed to be famous with, but his homie didnt want to join the illuminati, so he was left behind. 2pac was in the illuminati but left. then he started going against the illuminati. in a video, you can see 2pac talking about the illuminati, with snoop dog lookin scared as hell in the back, not saying anything but you can tell he wants 2pac to stop. 2pac was killed by a cop, or hes still alive out there somewhere.
    machiaveli talked about faking ones death to live on to another day. thats the only reason why i think that 2pac might still be alive.

  • TupacMiisxciiGanstaa

    ii luv tupac so much my sis thinks im soo crazyy im literally obsessed wif him lol anyway most of us no aboutt killuminati and wt it standa for but watbout Makaveli if u rearranged the letters did u no it would acctually spell: I AM ALIVE !! Tupac has also left subliminal messages and clues to let us no. like someone commented about sayin lyrics from 2pacs songs about being reincarnated and comin bakk i really truely believe that 2pac will come bak. its sed that tupac will 'come back' in 2014 it is all over youtube. killuminati all da wayyyy ifkknnluvvutupac u will always be in my heart my baybiie <3 iiluvyou
    aha and like daht person that wrote muslimmm 4 lyfff im wif yaaa :) F da Illuminati can go f'n diee 4 all i care

  • http://Www.mxit.co.za./ Lulu

    Tupac was killed by not only the illuminati,he was also killed by America...how,tupac was an inspiration to many people,and an enemy to many people to..bad boys.

  • AntiGovt

    It doesnt matter who the illuminati is. the word illuminati is latin for "illuminated ones". these are just people who think they can run your lives because they make the money and we work for it. we need to concentrate on the people that make the decisions in this world. just watch tv long enough and you'll see who's who and what's what. they turned this whole world into a department store, and it's only going to get worse. the problem is, 1 man cant do it. everybody listens to Pac's music and watch the videos but dont do anything. they make our lives busy, so we wont even have time for a revolution. too scared to lose your job. too scared to lose your house and your "possessions". i can go on for days... but it starts with you not being scared

  • Terri_katt1

    That's a lie, plenty of good black men have died because the government didn't like what they were saying? Have you forgotten Dr. Martin Luther Kng?

  • Nebuchadnezar

    is not about black or white, no matter what country you are from, the illuminate are taking control all over the world , they are a real BIG problem. in romania they sell food with codex alimentarius, believe me because my mam bought flour and it was write on the package.that it was made after codex law. fuck illuminati and freemasons and who is against good people. much Love for 2pac. 4life

  • tyler cain

    the whole reason tupac was killed is because he spoke against the illuminati in his songs "killimanati" "hail mary" "blasphemy" search those 3 terms up. killimanati hmm sounds like illuminati doesnt it!!! hail mary exactly whats there against!!! and blasphemy that speakes for itself..... wouldnt you say!! so of course the illuminati exist!!! and tupac was a member of it and before he died he wanted to save his soul which is why he spoke out against it. correct me if im wrong. he was also offically killed at 4:03 "4+3=7" he was 25 "2+5=7" and it only took him 7 days to make his last album. thats "777" folks! and dont forget his album All Eyes on Me was released on Feb.13, 1996. Tupac "died" on Sept.13, 1996. It is quite a coincidence that the two dates are exactly 7 months apart. also just that fact that The title of the new album by Makaveli (Tupac) is The 7 Day Theory. He was shot on September 7th; and survived on the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and"died" the 13th. Hence the title The 7 Day Theory!!!!!

  • Teo45

    o my gosh man bud i been on thiz topic 4 a min cuz the illminati suck shit lol bud ummmmm yea man am kinda mad tupac my boo

  • Teo45

    yep all the sighnssss

  • http://www.facebook.com/thaminandi Thami Nandi Maphumulo

    Where do they get a write to kill our loved one are they untouchable or what i mean illuminatis.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thaminandi Thami Nandi Maphumulo

    was he killed by freemason or illuminatis what is the different

  • Saratorres12

    We should! Let's start a chain letter email and send it to all your contacts and post it on Facebook and Twitter.

  • LALA

    the REAL way to fight off the illuminati is not to give into their fear, come form a place of love and know you are safe from these threats. Believe highly in the best possible outcome and NEVER loose hope. We have risen once, and we will rise again! lets ascend into a better future. 

  • buddakind

    technically tupac didnt believe in the existence of the illuminati, and technically he was right. Illuminati were lodges founded by weishaupt this is correct, but once exposed and outlawed in bulvaria they fell into other already established mystery schools or mystery religions such as freemasons, rosicrucians, jesuits, and other cults and sectarian religions that would keep their secrets, although not secret societies themselves, they kept enough privacy for the cohorts (brehtren) could continue their work. FOR LACK OF A BETTER WORD we can still call them the illuminati, they still use the same signs. As do other mystery schools. However, the schools were founded for the progress of mankind as a whole long before weishaupts lodges (most of the symbols are stolen and re defined so they can be used to enslave, like naming them gave them some power over the symbols, considering the manner in which they are used, remember the symbols are older than them they belong to creation, we give them meaning) only not many were willing to accept the act of questioning authority or reality, or the church as it was seen as both, so they had to make their practices private, not secret, to avoid persecution, however, they did this so well, it obviously allured the psychopath type like weishaupt and the royal bloodlines, princes of the earth, banking families and religous leaders tied to monarchs and governments and establishments as well as other ill fated spirits. And it has attracted more and more of them through the last two centuries. Not all freemason are bad, in fact most are normal people, but they have become a part of something that I dont believe is what it used to be, there are now integrated with sects of satanist and zionist and occultist who run rampant within those lodges at their core and are part of the greater grander, more ancient and more mysterious conspiracy that has been around longer than Adam Weishaupts lodges. It is a true evil, and it's spirit manifests in the fear reality they are trying to create, and the apocalypse they are trying to usher in........ it's still appropriate to say, it is the NWO which is and Old world evil humankind, and I believe our Creator, have always been firmly against. Soon we will remember who we are, and their empire of illusion will fail. Namaste.

  • buddakind

    crips from las vegas killed pac, or he faked his own death like the real machiavelli who was a personal enemy of the banking families of italy because of  his influence.

  • Breeze369

    Everything he speaks is the truth and still relevant today and niggas never ignorant getting goals accomplished colored people still wont open they eyes money aint shit unless we use it to take care of each other. Point blank period no us no america

  • Breeze369

    Everything he speaks is the truth and still relevant today and niggas never ignorant getting goals accomplished colored people still wont open they eyes money aint shit unless we use it to take care of each other. Point blank period no us no america

  • Ricardo Smith85

    i agree  to  ur opinion very much,but the only way to change things people gots to be willing to stand up&die for this! those secret elite is not playing with us or bullshitten around. but who is me? im just the little man on the bottom. Patrick Henry once said: "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!!!!"

  • Ricardo Smith85

    the people are sleep! like nas said;wake up black zombies!


    Machiavelli never faked his death.

  • Johnthebaptist

    They are smart! They know that power lies within the people - the Illuminati controls the government which in turn controls the people by means of legislature. The only logical way to oppose the Illuminati is to oppose its controlling structures!!!

  • Roehrigscott

    The people rule the country. But the people are being lied to by the government in order to make us do as they wish. Through tv, radio, advertisements, prescription drugs, etc. A person is smart - people are stupid. We give the government power by feeding into the BS they feed us. War on terror scare tactic. Don't believe everything you see the truth is there its just "hidden in plain sight." Make your own decisions. Don't follow the masses. Lead your own way. Night doesn't push the sun down. The light drives out the darkness. Evil men only win when good men fail to act.

  • Johan Aberg_97

    I don't know WHO really killed pac but when he says killumenati he
    Means kill The ide of them. He himself didn't belive in them.

  • Gamble Gabrielle


  • Mikhail

    Erm you do realize the American Government worked with him 

  • Useur_6sence

    Yes Shiha these motherfucker really exist in wolrd ..... they want to take over whole world thats what Tupac's telling the wolrd by his Last Album The Done  Killuminati .... was barve man wasn;r affraid to die

  • Useur_6sence

    They been called by sevral name Illuminati. zanist, Freemison's, Titan's & meny more

  • Useur_6sence

    Fuck is Illuminati shit get fuck out of here..... 2Pac's dead but he dead beacuse he wasn'r affraid to the Fucking Illuminati shitt & he was out of controle like the other fucking atrist Like asshole Jay-Z, Eminum, Rihanna, Byonce,big deddy, Lil wayne & Will smith & his son is just newly converted.... main head of all Queen Elizbeth & family & Bush's family , Ubama, Tony Blair, & alot more  

  • Useur_6sence

    not just kill fuck them

  • Hondaboy2325

    I love this whole video and I love and miss pac very much. I love his music and the realness of the messages that tupac has brought to us and for the outlawz trying to continue to push on. Tupac was very knowledgeable I think for his age becaause everytime I see him at the age 25 he looks older then me. I really don't know what else to say but We miss you.

  • Chino


  • Chino149

    yupp people needa wake the fuck up and get out the box...

  • Fukeofffukeoff

    I just kill two illuminal to day,
    come and get me...mufuke...
    fuke al of ur....

  • The Reason

    Every person with a good heart and that actually tries to make a change in this cruel, corrupted world dies. Money is power and power is what many desire. People will do anything for power. I believe that we the people should make the change even if its helping people in your neighborhood, volunteering, standing up for something that is right. Let not evil be your leader but your strength to kill evil. I believe most presidents are part of the Illuminati starting with Bush I believe him and his father and even congress planned the whole 9/11 incident just to be able to invade iraq for their oil. Obama is no different why hasnt he given health care to those that can't afford to pay so much for hospital bills, instead his bail out money goes to banks, and rich people. That is not helping us thats helping themselves. Tupac spoke his mind and dies, so did many like Martin Luther king, President Kennedy, President Lincoln, etc... These are all people that fought for change and they might have open some people's eye and made some changes but they also died in the process. There is always a time for change it is never to late!

  • Senbonzakura1993

    if tupac was really trying to expose the Illuminati, they wouldn't of killed him, please look what the Illuminati were at the beginning, they were not killers, they were men of science, such a Galileo, they were smart, they would of known that by killing him, it would help prove tupac's point, and if you look deep enough in their history,  you will see that their goal is to "destroy the catholic church by fire", not stay secret and kill those who would bring them to light, as i said they were not killers, they were being killed by the vatican

  • Senbonzakura1993

    naive to think such thaughts

  • Senbonzakura1993

    if they do, they cant reach their goal

  • Spray25


  • Cbartelsus


  • Lol

    Damn lol... U smart.

  • flawless

    suge knight is a fucking liar fucking phoney puff daddy dum diidy what ever u want to call your fucking self u and that bullshit ass illumananti and jay z r some file ass niggaz u thought u was going to destyroy my bro tupac but uwas wrong let your bullshit ass plans blow up in your face yall been exposed yall some faggs trying to be dons and gangsters and yall fucking men and fucking your so called wives and baby mamas they dumb to ignorant ass bitches

  • flawless

    fuck getting your wig split fuck the illumananti they are a fucking loser homos

  • Wedz

    Its my belief that tupac was involved with the illuminati and at some point was angry with them (possible when he went to prison and was convicted as a sex offender which I'm sure he was set up on by the illuminati to have him killed in prison ... Which went unsuccessful in thier attempts to tarnish his name as rape is against most organized criminal codes of conducts ) and after his split from them he went public with his knowledge of thier power and controll. Starting his campaign against them they finally after much failed attempts threw propaganda to have some random street thug assassinate him hired some professional to kill him and paid off local officials to have no further investigation on his murder case.

  • realG

    U gies rilly ned 2 lern haw 2 speil

  • Some 1

    4 real

  • Truth

    Well said. They didn't kill him cuz he was saying too much, they killed for a sacrifice. Millions moarned and still more to this day, which all energy the illuminati can use for their benefit. People don't realize the spiritual/ magickal energy a ritual can have.

  • cooljersey21

    The people of our nation need to wake up, we have to stop dreaming and realize who the real people controlling and running our government is, the fucking illuminati are using the president as a fucking puppet, we need to wake up from our sleep and open our eyes, we have to come together and take these bitches down, tupac rapped his thoughts he wasnt afraid to speak the truth, but it is also true that he had enough media coverage and attention to get his message out and maybe thats why the illuminati thought he was a threat to them and took him out,and we know that the illuminati is behind the government and all that brainwashing they do through the radio, television, and even the internet is to make us zombies totally unknown to what is happening around us, and the only way we are going to have a chance of taking them down is if we get this message out to the people of this world to take these motherfuckers down

  • bellkenny22

    We need to speak up! All of us fuck illuminati and the government for being played like puppets

  • The Truth

    x was a true racist.he was a white hating scary mother f***** read his book . Most white people are not as racist as media makes them out to be, and the those that are truly from the heart racist. such as users on YOUTUBE,FACEBOOK , and anything that can leave a comment , there IQ can't possibly be over 90. mlk wanted something way different than what his americans are fighting for now . the oppressed have became the oppressor.

  • ctylerc

    Most whites are evil, sneaky, greedy, and racist.

  • ctylerc

    BTW when Malcom X traveled to Mecca, his experience there changed his views.

  • kaitlyn

    thats anybody you stupid mother fucker!

  • Nene

    Agreed. The white man is the blue eyed devil.

  • Nene

    Prcess Dian@ was a beautiful woman well beyond her years and the Roy@l family didn't like that. She wasn't going to be anyone's puppet.

  • jusdan

    2 pac is alive some where think about it all his connections with the black panthers that he had the illuminate probably did not like so 2pac would speak out freely about this group because he knew a lot about what this group was up to and almost exposing them I think the black panthers new the illuminate would seek revenge and staged the death of 2pac so he could slip under the sights of these people and get some where safe where he wont be found until he is ready to return and expose every thing not just little hints cuba was a great cover up to say that he was there but Africa would be the best location for avoiding the lime light. one man would not be listend to by the government u think how many fans and sceptics heard what he was saying and did listen to him u never know who is listening that is a big down fall

  • melo swiss

    apocalypse means there is going to be a revealing and those ppl will not have reign for long cause God is coming back

  • ronnie

    its just simple what Pac was doin was right he dint believe in illuminati and i just wanna say that have faith in God believe that Lord Jesus is our savior and our only way to reach to heaven and have a long lasting relationship with God amen

  • Martin

    Wow you really are fucking ignorant

  • Feddi Alreadi Staccs

    Killuminati... These devils want to take over our women and breed us out. That is their secret. Sons of GOD, daughters of man. Long Live Tupac... Black Jesus... Kill The Beast... Kill The Kundalini Serpent... ALL GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH.

  • adriana

    I believe tupac didn't do illumunati and their just hatin on pac.

  • get rich

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