The Hottest 10 R&B Singers In The Game … Right Now (2009)

2009-07-27 - R&B

How the mighty have fallen ... Remember when Chris Brown literally had the R&B game in the cobra clutch? The young phenom who was being showered with praises, and admiration has now morphed into the spokesperson for Wifebeating Anonymous. The man who was #1 on my column last year, "The 10 Hottest R&B Singers in the Game," has not only slipped out of the top spot, but the list entirely.

I made people cringe, yell, curse, and even threaten me because of this infamous list. Well guess what? I'm back to receive the love and support that I was paraded with. I'll be honest, this list was even harder because truth be told, the game has been dry. Once again, I want to remind people who didn't comprehend the logic behind how the list was constructed the first time around that I'm basing this on who's hot "RIGHT NOW." This list is only concerned with whose buzz is heavy as of right now. Well, without farther adieu, here's the list.

10. J. Holiday - The DC native returned in early 2009 with his sophomore album, titled Round 2. With songs like "It's Yours" and "Fall" garnering attention from the airwaves, Holiday has provided his fans and skeptics alike, a reason to believe the sophomore jinx is irrelevant in his case. Asides from his personal work, Holiday even contributed on Chamillionaire's song titled "Relax", and Mims' "Be My Hustla". Welcome to the list my brother.

9. Pleasure P - Last year I placed P as one of the artists who would be on the verge to breakout. Apparently my gut feeling came into fruition as the former Pretty Ricky heartthrob churned out a few hits such as "Did You Wrong" and "Boyfriend #2", which was #2 on the R&B charts for Billboard. His new single, "Under", has also been receiving substantial plays on the radio. To further catapult his young career, Marcus Cooper laced the hook for Flo Rida's song "Shone". With P teaming up with cats like Flo, he might be chanting out how he has that ringtone money. Let's not forget about his collab with Yung Joc on "Meet Me At The Bar." And to think he needed Pretty Ricky.

8. Ryan Leslie - R.Les for Pres is welcomed back on the list simply because he provided consistency from last time. Granted, his sales didn't reflect his consistency, but musically, he was on par. His album showcased the versatility that is obviously in-ept in this mundane industry. "Something That I Like" showcases the multi-faceted artist rapping and singing. His new song, "You're Not My Girl", is slowing making waves onto the scene. Asides from penning pieces for others and producing, Ryan has left his imprints on Slim's "Good Lovin'," Jim Jones' "Precious", and Fabolous' "Fabolous Life". Glad to see some consistency.

7. Jeremih - "I know you wanna rideeeeeee out." Thanks to Def Jam and Jeremih, birthdays have a new meaning. Instead of simply blowing candies, the ladies are blowing something else out on these special occasions. "Birthday Sex" has been booming, and received massive airplay throughout the country. How much airplay you ask? Try being the #1 spot. The young crooner also made a cameo on Fab's "It's My Time", while laying his smooth vocals on Ace Hoods' "Love Somebody".

6. T-Pain - There was a huge debate last year in regards to whether Pain was considered R&B or not. Well after careful consideration, I decided this year why not? I mean, all Pain has done was storm the industry with his infectious hooks. Maino's "All of the Above", Rick Ross' "Maybach Music 2", and Jamie Foxx's "Blame It" are just examples of Pain's genius. Pain's innate ability to provide a myriad of hits has provided a spot in this year's list, and of course his stamp on the game. Like Jay-Z said, the only man who could justify auto-tune is this man.

5. Ne-Yo - Last year's runner up has remained steady even without dropping a major hit. Though he released his single "Part of the List", he was still receiving lukewarm reviews from that record after his album, Year Of The Gentleman, was released in 08. He would try to redeem himself on Jada's "By My Side", but only to be subjected to minimal airplay. Still, Ne-Yo was able to rejuvenate himself on Keri Hilson's smash hit "Knock You Down". The record catapulted himself back on the radar, and is still making noise on several stations. This song itself, was able to keep Ne-Yo in the top 5 this year.

4. Jamie Foxx - I still can't believe this dude is so talented. Comedian-turned-actor-turned-singer, Jamie enters the list as the #4 spot. This triple threat enlightened people with his latest endeavor, titled Intuition. The effervescent "Blame It" disseminated through the airwaves and became the anthem for people struggling to drop the Henny. The record towered itself to the #1 spot in Billboard's R&B Charts, and #2 overall. To up the ante, Jamie's newest single, "Digital Girl", answers the call of haters who deemed him as lucky off the T-Pain assisted "Blame It".

3. The-Dream - The American Dream finds himself at the same spot he was at last year with his impressive catalog titled Love Vs. Money. Thus far, The-Dream hasn't proven to be a stranger to hits. With his album wheeling out hits like "Rockin' That Thang", "My Love" and "Walking On The Moon", Mr. Radio Killa established himself as more than just a songwriter. His distinct falsetto, and eclectic sound has made him a rare commo dity in the game. Examples include Rick Ross' "All I Really Want", and Fab's "Throw It In The Bag." With a possible release of a new album titled Love King, and an expected best of both worlds featuring Kanye Titter, there's no reason he shouldn't find himself among the top two next year.

2. Maxwell - Many dub this man as the last real dude left in R&B. I'll be real, the first time I heard Maxwell was during the movie "Love & Basketball." The infamous track, titled "This Woman's Worth", was major. Maxwell's last album was released seven years ago. Ever since then, we were left to ponder on the whereabouts of the man who sported the '70s afro. Then this year, Maxwell returned with a fresh low cut ceasar, and of course the smash hit "Pretty Wings". That one record solidified his spot as the last real dude left in R&B. His new album, BLACKsummers'night, just went #1 after selling a ridiculous 316,000 records. Sick.

Disclaimer: Maxwell is considered neo-soul more than anything, but his album was number one on the R&B charts. So just for this list, I placed him under the branch of R&B.

1. Trey Songz - This is the only man smooth enough to sway the ladies, and cool his way six spots from last year's positioning onto the top. The new #1, and "hottest of the R&B game" as we speak belongs to Tremaine Neverson. It was only a matter of time until the young man blossomed into stardom. With a passionate voice intertwined with a hustler's mentality, Songz has infiltrated the game with ease. Songz' single, "I Need A Girl", is just a dose of the havoc that's he been wrecking the game with. Teaming with Drake on "Successful" and "Invented Sex" has proven that these two are capable of being a formidable duo for years to come. What's mind blowing about the man is the fact that he's even delved into the mixtape game. His release, titled Anticipation, is an opus filled with lullabys and sexual innuendos sure to fill any woman's' appetite. He also teamed up with Loso on "Last Time", which comes to no surprise since Fab has collaborated with three other artists on this list. Songz's album, Ready is slated for an September 1st release. Say hello to Trey Trey.

Honorable Mention: Bobby V, Ginuwine, and Mario

This list was even harder than the first one. Six out of the ten artists who made up the list from last year were not fortunate enough to make the list. Maybe this will motivate these cats to step their game up. Hopefully this list also shows people that anybody is capable of being scrapped off the list, i.e. Chris Brown, but I'm sure Breezy will be back. As of now, you guys are free to debate once again. Let's get it.

  • Youngin

    On Par...Good List Bro

  • kaje

    Trey my boi cause that mixtape can get anyone laid. lol

  • chi-chi

    Chris Breezy is still the hottest r&b singer no matter what. he def gonna be back.

  • Snarky

    It's This Woman's WORK. Get a research assistant.

  • sweety po

    T-Pain is definitely the hottest dude in the game. He has had more hits then everyone on this list combined. Be realistic

  • what about the dude who put the R in R&B? my mann R kelly got remix of everybody's shit that sound 10x better then the original. hands down #1

  • Theh Ndlovu

    lets wait 'n see

  • Go Getta

    Where's Charlie Wilson? Vocally, he will murder anyone on that list. Somebody ain't been doin their homework!

  • DB4

    my question is how does is say the hottest r&b singers but there are no females included?

  • No Musiq?? No Ursh??? Raheem DeVaughn...hmmm....

  • Mike

    I bet your ass didn't know Chris Brown is coming back "Stronger" then ever. Then next year you'll be right on his jock.

    His LAST YEAR song "Forever" is in iTunes top 10 and #1 on iTunes R&B. Where are all these other people on your list?? with their NEW ish.. NO where to be found.

    He is also keeping his "Writing" credits rolling with Mary J Blige second single "Stronger" which he wrote along side Ester Dean.

    But as the say KEEP ON HATING.

  • breezy will not be back

    hell to the muffuckin no will cbrown be back, he is a disgrace to r&b music. anyone rooting for this kid has serious issues.

  • Dude are you stupid? i respect this website but how can you have trey ahead of t-pain and The-dream? Fuck out of here with this bullshit list!

  • wheres USHER......................

    wheres JAY SEAN

  • I agree w D Pride and sweety po, Pain is #1 with a bullet right now, and has been for years. No one fucks with him.

  • Money

    Trey hasn't even done anything to be #1 even Chris Breezy with his troubles is miles ahead of him.

    First, Trey isn't worldwide. Second I can't even find him on top 10 on any charts, from Billboard, iTunes to Amazon. Let alone he isn't even on most anticipated album people are waiting on Thirdly his success isn't even 1/5th close to CB, Ne'yo, T-pain, Dream, Jamie and Maxwell.

  • Nikia

    trey songs is not #1 maybe him and tpain need to trade spots

  • Big money

    t-pain is reppin it, he should be at least #3 if not 1

  • Rihnay

    I dont know about the rest of the spots but Trey Songz got the game on lock!!!!!!! YUUUP

  • Buck

    STFU about Chris Brown, his name isn't on the damn list because he doesn't have anything of his own out now.. Damn, get off his d***! H*e azz b*tches and f*ggot azz dudes make me sick!

  • Buck

    Wait a minute, what does T-Pain have out right now?? Most of these dudes are wack anyway, only a couple of them can actually sing. But it seems like that's OK for the guys, but if a female can't sing she gets ripped to shreds!

  • Yo Yo YO!?... WTF T-Pain should be FIRST! no one can do it like the pain! ontop of an artist, he is the best DJ Out there for his style!

  • LA


  • just me

    WOW!!! Are you guys really riding the T-pain train. He's not even a real singer. Would he be here w/o autotune? No. And Trey is definitely killing them. You can't find a song that he has not jumped on, remixed, written, or sung not on the radio now and he definitely is worldwide since I am sitting in Germany right now. Finally, while I agree that Dream deserves to be on this list, I'm not sure if I agree with his placement. Then again, it's just my opinion!!

  • Yay!!!Trey my boo whit the looks and talents.... like this list!!!

  • LaKia

    Trey Songz deserves to be #1, He is defintely the hottest R&B Singer!!! Love him!!!

  • Theh Ndlovu

    better be Tpain, the n*** is high as a motherf***

  • LOve the list....Hate these Haterz thats hatin on Trey

  • nina

    Ok,so I like all these guys but when you say hot r u talking sells or vocals cuz this list is wrong!

  • tha real deal

    not agreesing with trey as # 1 AT ALL... although he is on the come-up... but not # 1

  • That list is coo! I DEFINITELY agree with Trey Songz as #1.... He's been my favorite since he first came out..... Can't wait for "Ready' to drop!

  • yall fools sleepin on Trey Songz fa real! if u say he aint tyte & hella's a mutha fuckin lie! aha

  • tmoney

    i love this list...everyone keep hating on trey songz cause he is the future and the now of r&b....t pain cant even really sing


  • MissBreezy

    Trey songz 4ever <3 he'll always be #1 !!, Still luv ma baby Chris brown

  • crunkpoet


  • Fan of Music

    It says R&B singers. T-Pain isn't all that great of a singer. He should've been 10. Trey Songz deserves to be #1 because he's worked hard to get where he is now. Anticipation is a great mixtape.

  • goots

    where is chris brown..ha ha, just had to say that!!!!!!!

    now i dnt agree with number 1..trey songz, wtf???? did his song even make the charts???

  • Nicole

    I'm so happy to see Trey garnering the respect he so richly deserves. A lot of people are saying that Chris Brown and Usher deserve to be on the list...but tell me what is hot about either of those two RIGHT NOW. Beating women and a messy divorce are not HOT! I'm the biggest Usher fan there is but right now he's just not IT! I completely agree with the number 1 and 2 spots on this list. Get it Trey...YUUUP!

  • Kid Cudi fan

    Yo Trey is the R&B version of album...but buzz is off the charts...his anticipation mixtape was drake's so far gone...number 1



  • KAT

    I agree with your assessment wholehertedly, Trey Songz brings great lyrical content, delivery, impeccable sound/tone, his hooks are insatiable, and his marketability is crazy. The ladies love him and rightfully so and he is grinding daily.

  • KAT

    He has remixed successfully everything notable that's been put out. He delivers in tributes, on his tracks, on his features, and in every way. Since Kells, has been on a small Hiatus sans Number One which is hot, Trey deserves this! Kudos to you young man!

  • savhead

    da nigga t-pain has been holdin it down for soo long. he should be #1.


    You trey keep it up luv it trey u the shit boi...

  • Salla’


  • Janae

    you quyss aree seriously hatinq . Trey Sonqz deserves to be #1 .
    Like the title says , its the hottest ppl RIGHT NOW .
    T-Pain hasnt had any sonqs out & he cant even really sinq .

    i honestlyy dont see why J.Holiday's on the list thouqh . Lol

  • Jayah

    All Yall hating On Trey like he don't got dah game on lock as of now ,like this man makes music more then he eats.Lol !!! Who you know that put out music every Otha day???Oh and This list is 99% correct. Jamie Foxx should be Third.

  • Sharon

    His new single on the radio is also on the page called 'The Way We Be Makin' Love', he is a singer/songwriter.

  • Alberto

    Chris Brown continues being the best one, Outside which it has been able to happen and their sales lower. But even so he is the king of R&B.
    Take care Pain!

  • Alberto

    WTF? Chris Brown continues being the best one!

  • Where Usher he should be up there not T-Pain and Pleasure-P. Where are all the real RandB singers at, do over please......

  • Trey Songz deserves #1. Talented. Good-looking. Ambitious. Versatile. ALL OF THE ABOVE.

  • Theh Ndlovu

    ma man FIDDLER!

  • OMG! iM SO Happy FOr My Husbandd(Trey SOnqz!! Yay Yay Yay He Da #1 HOttest nDa Game. Rite NOw.!(2 Me He Always GOne Be DOe)! But NeWays YAY iLOve Him nd His Music.! yaDiqq? He Da BEST!! <3 :)
    --Siqned #1 Fan <-(Truely!

  • What happened to the females?? Or is this list just for the hottest "male" r&b singers??? Please clarify because Chrisette Michelle surely deserves a spot

  • Nate Deezy

    How is T-Pain not #1?

  • Seriously

    Teddy Pain is #1, definitely stompin' on The-Dream and Ne-Yo. Why is Jamie Foxx even mentioned on this list...? T-Pain is why. T-Pain is the best there is plain and simple.

  • Ashley

    Trey Deserves the number one spot.. He is mos def doing his thing right now.. Ya'll sleeping on him..T-pain shouldn't even be on the list because he CANT sing. How is Jeremih even on the list and he only had two songs out? Birthday sex lol NO First day sex is the better!!

  • yuup

    trey is the ishhh.....
    he doesnt hav 2 blow up like all these other artist hes talented nd gives 150% so that makes him #1 + hes fine
    cb is also hot if he made music this year he'll be up there

  • Marty Roze

    T-Pain IS number 1. This is just a website that shows what THEY think...

  • Moeluv1277

    Even though this is one person OPINION. Whoever came out with this list need to be BIITCHED SMACKED, Hell yeah i cursed because this list is so not relevant. No Sammie on the list. No Tyrese on the list. No Mario (F honorable mention) OMG,this is so sad seriously. I shouldntve even wasted my time on tis site to state MY OPINIONS. Sammie,Mario and Tyrese sound better than EVERYBODY ON THAT DAMN LIST. hELL YEAH IM GOING HARD FOR MY FAVORITE ARTIST I ENJOY LISTENING TOO AND WHO CAN ACTUALLY SING.

  • Moeluv1277

    @Ashley :
    So i guess you havent heard Sammies LoveHateSex?

  • My baby is number one like always..but i agree to this top ten list all of them as hot artist.

  • lil mama

    ok i mean theres a couple of names i can replace for all of them come on now but i have to say give neyo his props please

  • @ Moeluv1277

    hey said best out right now...tyrese retired from music idiot...sammie...nice...not relevant...did one song with who??? trey on anticipation...mario just dropped a song...that's it...duhhhh...i'm too too stupid to read lmao

  • alberta

    I dont regard T-pain as an ultimate r n bsinger but whatever..
    i think it should be:

    3)Trey Songz
    7 J Holiday
    9)Pleasure P

  • List is on point. Good post.

  • Tremaine has ALWAYS been number one in my book...ever since 'Gotta Make It'


  • atl_qtpie

    Nice to see Trey getting the respect he deserves. He is def one of the most underrated in the game. The Anticipation mixtape is an all out babymaker!!!!

  • Eeesheee

    I'm with everyone on this T-Pain run, he cannot sing. I'm sorry. Might be a good writer and all but he's not singing. Trey Songz buzz is heavy, gotta respect it. Him and Drake killin em. Neyo hands down the best seen him live ya boi can sing. The rest of em hey to each his own!

  • Aks

    Jay Sean should be on that list.. hes better then most of that list!

  • AWWWWWWWWWW...Trigga is number 1...YUUUP!!! he deserves it :)

  • Theh Ndlovu

    BIG ASS CHAIN nigga glad ur th' most talkabout'

  • Mariah

    Chris is still the hottest because he sexier than everybody on that list!
    plus he is the only one that can dance, sing, and be sexy without trying!!

  • eagleon

    when it comes to putting out good music this past year, nobody is fucking with trey songz. the guy is killin the mixtape game at an r&b standpoint. His rapping skills is better than most rappers.....NOBODY is fucking with the boy songz..YUUUPP

  • Drew

    I love how people are basing this on "buzz" Trey always has buzz and every year it translates into nothing but hype for the first month and it's over.

  • Ayers

    Ok I like some of T-Pain's music or whatever. But I have to agree with the number one spot on this list. Trey Songz IS the best in da game right now & has been since he started. & for the ones that think T Pain is better than him they are beyond crazy. Trey Songz got the game on lock. Go get that Anticapation mixtape & tell me U cant listen to it from the beginning to the end. Its RIDICULOUS! Trey Songz IS number 1.

  • Adam

    t-pain should b much higher than # 6

  • TREY SONGZ IS DEFO #1...His buzz has been bigger than any R&B artist this year and he aint even dropped the album yet...Im sitting here in London writing this so Trey Songz is WORLDWIDE..but he do need to drop that single that's gonna get him da commercial fans...If u ain't anticipating his 'READY' album then you ain't a real fan of R&B...yuup

  • letsgetreal

    sorry but trey is not number 1 Im a fan of his but no he not in that spot and Ne-yo is much more better than The Dream

  • Brizzy

    i can digg it.. shovel not included. im guessin this is just the males list tho

  • Ashley

    @Moeluv1277 : I have heard it and I like it. That doesn't change my opinion. I like Trey and Sammie's song "she ain't my girl". Sammie can sing. I'm just not a huge fan of his and I haven't been since I was like 12..

  • Skye

    Wowww well what can I say I love Trey a lot but I definately agree that T-Pain should be up on the list.I love his music I think he should be 2 and Trey should stay 1

  • halr

    WHAT T-PAIN would never be #6 he's the best there is in the WORLD!

  • Nappybaby

    If this list was organized by award nominated T-Pain would be number 1 with neyo number two, then Jamie foxx Trey would be like 7th or 6th awards his songs maybe good but people just find T-pain better cause well It's true. Plus T-Pain was rated #34 of the most influential people in the world on the 2009 Time 100 list.

  • cali

    I disagree wit trey songz #1....I thinkn its shuld hve been neyo,dream&j.foxx dem 3 have hits after hit on top of album sales....every1 else follow...pleasure p is 10 cd bangs hard.

  • Oh man. I don't really care about the article but these comments are comedy gold.

    Someone should publish these because they'd make thousands of dollars easily.

  • SimplyKellz

    Yuuup...but Trey has always been #1, this has been a long time coming and for everyone talking bout T-pain...yall must've just started listening to R&B yesterday because he should be last on the list if anything...he makes hits but his vocals are not on point!

  • eagleon

    jesus chris..are u fools really saying t-pain should be one?? can this dude even sing??????

    theres a reason why trey songz has been working with the likes of brian michael cox, johnta austin, drake, lil wayne.

    Lil wayne cosigned trey..if u can get lil wayne to cosign u then u are one of the top dudes in teh game.

  • BreAnna

    Where is MARIO!!! in this list?

    Couple changes move jeremih to number 10! take pleasure p out!! move j holiday up. and add MARIO!!!!!

    def agree with TS at number one. hes been underestimated for some time now. but im glad ppl are finally appreciating his talent. He def has crazy vocals and his lyrics are crazy.

  • G-Musik

    T-Pain Must be on 1 Trey Isnt Better than T-P Thats all The R&B King T-P The Music Jesus A.k.A The Lord of the 3 Rings hahaha thats it T-Pain is the best

  • G-Musik

    Never in their live's Gone be better than T-Pain and thats the only true here.. The dream , Ne-YO,Jamie , And Ne-Yo they are so talented but not as Pain Thats the Only One T-Pain The R&B King

  • Mauweezie

    Trey Songz? r u serious? Maxwell is the 1# R&B singer, none of these fools listed could take 7 years off and come back with a number 1# album. With the exception of Ne-yo and Ryan Leslie and maybe Dream & T-Pain, the rest will be on the chitlin circuit in 5 years or doin' Tyler Perry plays. C'mon, MAN!

  • Philly-O

    Honestly, R&B isn't really anything special right now. Hasn't been that great since the late 90's.

  • D-Boy

    T-PAIN has to be at least second site so that you be kidding with this list ...


  • trey should not be at the top of that list! sorry trey, in mt opinion, neyo got you beat..!

  • oh yea, maxwell got ya beat too! i guess I would place him and neyo at the same level for right now. (but not on overall success of course because maxwell blows everyone out the water!)

  • RKO456


  • meme

    trey is looking oh so sexy

  • meme

    Mauweezie stop hatin on my man trey songz he iz da sexiest

  • muaH!

    usheR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HEE iiS SOOO .........

  • horny trey’s chick

    we tkn bout ppernces is so trey wins i nt he sti wins i wud suc his dck so hrdnd mke him bust his sht

  • Samcristian

    ne-yo is better cause he be writing songz 4 everybody .


    Dis list is garbage clearly dis person rite here dunno shit bout real RnB fo realz or music in general. C'mon man T-Pain and The Dream dey both trash. And there's no way that Trey is on top, kid needs to do lotta work before he'll be anywhere close to top ten. Aite list goes like dis: The Legends first - 5. Keith Sweat 4. Bobby Brown 3. Al Green 2. Stevie Wonder 1. MARVIN GAYE
    Aite other half of top list:
    1) R. Kelly
    2) Joe
    3) Usher
    4) Craig David
    5) Ryan Leslie
    See now those are real and talented RnB singers unlike those garbage mainstream bitches real talk ya digg

  • the beast

    the beast says jamie fox