Nas Ordered To Pay Kelis $44,000 A Month In Child/Spousal Support

2009-04-30 - Nas KelisA judge has ordered Nas to pay his estranged wife around $44,000 a month in child and spousal support, just a day after she gave birth to the soon-to-be-divorced couple's first child.

According to the Associated Press, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Louis Meisinger issued the order at a Thursday (July 23) hearing. Neither party were present.

In addition to the monthly amount, the rapper (real name: Nasir Jones) is also required to pay $45,000 in legal and accounting fees for Kelis.

The couple have been going through a bitter legal battle over the past few months, with Kelis alleging that Nas hadn't paid any of her pregnancy costs, as well as her expenses during their split. However, Nas, through his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, said he had paid $30,000 in expenses and the former couple's health insurance has been maintained.

Kaplan proposed that Nas pay Kelis a one-time payment of $20,000 until an appropriate amount was settled at a later hearing. But, Meisinger rejected that offer, saying more money per month would be needed to accommodate Kelis' lifestyle "based on income declarations filed with the court."

In past court documents, Kelis said the exact same thing. The couple own five homes, they fly first class, dine at fancy restaurants, etc etc.

Due to her pregnancy, she said she's been unable to work. Thus, her monthly income has dipped over the past year. However, her attorney Laura Wasser said Kelis is seeking a new record deal and hopes to begin recording new music soon.

The AP reports that a hearing on whether the payments should be altered will be heard on September 8.

Kelis went into labor on Monday (July 20), and delivered their son, Knight Jones, on Wednesday evening (July 22) around 9 p.m. The baby weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

"The beautiful baby boy and his mother are doing wonderful," Kelis' spokesperson, Tracy Nguyen, said in a statement.

  • Allan Makowa

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  • $hotCallaCRiP

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  • jose

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  • hiphopjunkeee

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  • gravator

    44,000 a month is crazy.Does the judge know how much money he makes a year? does he have documents on what nas own? i dont think so. he's not making that much money anymore. nas should pay the house note, child support, medical and give kelis maybe 10,000 a month 4 herself. so maybe 15-20,000 a month. but when kelis starts making money. she needs to pay for her own expenses.

  • candy

    Cheaper to stay lovers and not marry. She bated him up. Supoosal support drops after a year. And when she get back on her feet the payments are lowered. And if nas income declines,his payments drop as well.

  • Lyn

    So Nas is a sucka for love.........

  • Philly-O

    F*ck that, that's insane!!! Nas is gettin' ripped off. I wonder if her alleged sex tape comes out, that will get that child support reduced.

  • Goonie Team C.E.O

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  • moneynthabank

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  • lulu

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  • besteverhad

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  • lyn

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  • Gilloteen

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    Our justice systems F'd-up the honor comes up with a ridiculous monthly payment even for the man that make 30k a year,then when you can't make ends meet your faced with incarceration.Time to come back with a vengence,the intelect thugs gotcha back we need that album as much as you do keep ya head up homie cause this to shall become a thing of the past! Keeping it 200!


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  • Tee


  • barbie

    to all yall hating men. you don't understand the court system. If they ordered him that it was because he had proof he could pay it.I bet if you had a child it will be based on 30% of your income. and the stars will pay 1% so stop commenting on stories you know nothing about. And half of black men run from their responsibility.just thank god you are half broke with a low income. A child has the right to live a similar lifestyle as the father does

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  • robthom

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