Move Over J.Lo, Andressa Soares Has The Biggest Ass In Brazil (Video)

It's been a while since a woman has memorized an entire country with her booty like J.Lo did in the U.S. A few video models made a little noise, but nothing like the buzz J.Lo's bottom created.

In Brazil, there's a J.Lo equivalent, ass wise that is. Her name is Andressa Soares. Her ass has catapulted the charming Rio-born girl from bit parts in music videos into the pop-star spotlight as the over-endowed "Watermelon Woman" (and yes she has a song by the same name).

VICE found her to see what the hype was all about.

  • $hotCallaCRiP

    Hoe talk to much!!! I sho nuf daddy long stroke er azz tho...Her friend would get the dicc too!!I'd hate fucc J HOE, then take er $$$

  • Hmmm Pretty.nice cakes.But ...NO JLO!

  • straight-up

    she's rough!

  • I love sun goddesses

    Anywhere that African genes have landed definitely enhanced such beauty in women of color especially women from the carribean and Latin America, Asia too. I'm just glad that Afro-Latinas like J-Lo and others made it ok to show off how beautiful women of color and their bodies are and to not go by the European standard of beauty.Nowadys you all kinds of women with or trying to get big asses. The world is changing. But thats one subject I won't complain about.

  • Philly-O

    Us Brazilians know nice ass ;)


    Yea sh0rty gta nice lil b0dy but she ahnt jL0.... BK THA FK UP

  • BG


  • Eddy

    Her bum bum is amazing and I know since I married a Brasiliera! I want to place my caipirinha on her tush (or something else ; )

  • Captal G

    Umm, not a lot of "projection" to that ass. It's thick but, not like Tahiery's have you seen the latest KING mag? Nah, that's an ass! She's incredible! But over all, this woman has a nice shape.

  • changeclothz

    This ass is whoa......

  • YungMall

    Her ass Is Cool 46 inches isn't a Normal ass Yall that's Ass cottage cheese or Not I'll wear that shyt out!

  • J LO isnt african Latino

  • Vengeance IS MINE!!!!!!!!


  • dretruth

    Wow if I only knew what I know now!!!!

  • Rootz

    Puerto Rico, Brazil, Ecuador, Central America such as Guatemala, Costa rica, El Salvador, Panama and such are countries that were involved in the slave trade also. u cannot deny that there are African features on this woman. it surely inst European, because Latinos have a mixture of African a d European but some have a small percentage of African, but that is enough. and there are more countries.

  • girlie7


  • J-Slap

    This woman epitomizes perfection. A goddess. Aint no cellulite, everything is toned, she is just right. Anyone who says anything negative is just hatin'. And just to add to what someone said, south americans have strong african genes. its very mixed in so much so that race is seperated only by complexion not by genes. Sometimes the light skinned Brazilians have more African genes than dark ones. J-Lo aint got shit on this

  • Chrom

    damn rite. should have know what I knew now about 10 years ago

  • Chrom

    damn rite. should have know what I knew now about 10 years ago

  • Pallominy

    Yuuuuup. She has the greatest ass on earth.

  • Pallominy

    Andrea Soares has not the biggest ass on earth, but she has the most well-proportionate and eye pleasing ass on earth, which is way better than just having the "biggest ass on earth." There must be some other girl with a bigger ass, but it could not be as appealing as Andrea's. So, GO ANDREA!!!!! SHAKE THAT GORGEOUS ASS WE LOVE !!!!!