Twista Knocked Up Pornstar Pinky?

2009-05-15 - Twista and PinkyDid Twista knock up pornstar Pinky? That's the rumor that got several blogs buzzing.

According to several reports, the Chicago rapper was involved in some sort of personal relationship with porn queen, leading to a sexual encounter that may have resulted in a possibly pregnancy.

Industry moles says Pinky attended the Core DJs Retreat X in Atlanta in April, and was seen crying. The sources say she was emotional over Twista.

At press time, Twista and/or Pinky have not commented on the rumor.

Pinky is an Oakland bred pornstar that stands at just 4'11". She is known for her trademark pink hair, and most importantly, her huge booty. Over the past couple years, Pinky has become a fave among hip-hop fans, thanks to a series of booty clapping videos posted on WorldStarHipHop and other hip-hop DVDs.

Since hitting the porn scene in 2006, she's appeared in hundreds of adult films.

Twista, on the other hand, is gearing up for his eighth studio album, Category F5, slated for June 16.

  • rickybobby

    lol damn i bet a gang of dudes done ran up in that. does it hurt when u pee twista?lol

  • iLAFF@hoes

    hahah twist ripped thru dat shit, I bet the bitch jus sad kos he aint claiming the baby. nice try pinky, but no luck this time... HAHA

  • thickmixedchick3

    rickybobby and iLAFF@hoes....nigga ya'll some lames!! Like Lil Wayne say, fuck a niggas thoughts!! U don't know if Pinky got anythang ricky and u who laff who can't get none, that's an emontional thing to cry about!! And dn't call her no bitch cause "bitches" like dat make yo ass look stupid when ya'll try to get play wit dem!! FUCK YOU U FUCKIN LAMES!!!



  • Thuglyfe

    Somebody needs a STD test!

  • why u do dat??? she say im sorry baby//dat was biggaveli not charlie, baby...why u do dat??//she said im sorry baby...(some random max b jibberish) all the ladiess...

    NOTE: this track has absoultley nuthing to do with anything

  • DJ

    I done seen several dudes "SKEET" in her Face.She nasty!! But I can never turn away .. LOL

  • Vengeance IS MINE!!!!!!!!

    LIKE PAC SAID: Disillusioned lately, I've been really wantin babies
    so I could see a part of me that wasn't always shady
    Don't trust my lady, cause she's a product of this poison
    I'm hearin noises, think she fuckin all my boys, can't take no more
    I'm fallin to the floor; beggin for the Lord to let me in
    to Heaven's door -- shed so many tears!!!!

  • Mos High

    Damn, niggaz aint learnt from Eazy E...How u gon hit dat raw especially knowin she a fucken porn star and fucked atleast a hundred niggaz...Ignorantass niggaz who still think AIDS is a joke...SMH

  • Philly-O

    I laugh at dudes who act like they wouldn't hit that in a New York minute. I know I would.

  • slick rick tha groova

    I love me some pinky. That's my fantasy to settle down with her and make babies... I wish I was in twista shoes.

  • This shit is really sadd

    I would hope she wouldnt even look his way Twister is ugly and has way too much goin on in his mouth ...and personal life at that about a year ago his eldest childs mom blasted him on CNN for not paying child support,and if my memory serves me correctly the lil girl was about 8 or 9.I know for sure she wasnt 10 and the mom went on to say the in her entire life he only seen her about twice.I dont know about yall but he sounds like a DEAD BEAT to me.

  • Thuglyfe( I don’t give a fuck!!!)

    Vengeance is MINE, I love the 2pac qoute. Dat's real talk!

  • JOKER 3:16 OF THE 504

    MOS HIGH you do make a small point but if you haven't notice the porn industry is just that a INDUSTRY. Now she may not be the purest but I bet her (S.T.D) tests are more up to date then your girl's is! As for you T.S.I.R.S. I see your point but she is a porn star and as for morals, well, lets just say I doubt if she uses that skill often. Matter of fact I've seen her work and I know she don't! Thickmixedchick3 u know bitch ass nigga are everywhere and thats enough said!

  • ja rule

    She can get it so cruial

  • Pick

    a gang of dudes is an understatement, more like a small town. this chick was on wendy williams show saying she done had every "minor" STD since she started doing porn

  • guyb415

    He must of been desperate, shes one ugly hoe!! Out of the woman that would let him run up in em & he fucks a loose pussy porn bitch. What a joke hahahaha, he's gonna come out w/ a new single called this is why I'm pissing hot.

  • bvelle

    yall niggas wack b4 yall can sit back and call her a bitch,slut,or ho take a good look at yo bitch,slut,or ho when yo go home and think what she did wit da nigga b4 u u might b surprised or disgusted

  • ccrich


  • Damn i wish i can fuck pinky put my dick right in her butt hole.Answer my question would would you let me is the

  • realtalk101

    twista my niga and pinky my gal so muth@f*** what these lame as folks commenting about because if I was pinky I would've let his rich as nut in me too

  • badbith3000

    fuck that to be a porn star you gota take std tests dumdass. Twista and Pinky know what the fuck they doing. And for the niga who called him ugly my niga twista paid how bout yo broke as

  • Dahammer

    Hey men the whore pinky has been fucked,bust nut in by many dudes she cant remember?how come she wanna tie twista down with that shit.aint no place 4 a whore as a house wife..¤can she be a responsible mother.GOD Not 4 any sane dude unborn kid

  • Beans

    You a average chick

  • Beans

    she a thomas girl

  • Beans

    selling you, work out,in stores

  • Beans

    thomian is butter men while we lace the timbs up

  • mood swing

    thomian foreigner #2

  • mood swing

    mi bad mi nigga moody is a fag let thomian come through

  • Kevon

    shit we can't sow GOD

  • Kevon

    When the SAM come thomas shit we can't sow GOD

  • Tankyboo1

    what are you (beans)talking about? you are all ghetto niggas and hoes with no brains. Porn star/rapper demon all can go to hell now...what ever!!! far as her pussy its like a highway so if u niggas want that nasty shit u can have it! Bitches like me make money, get money, and fuck both genders now what! And my big as is good at it too. Yeahh! :-)

  • Ameli_gudgud346

    - Man fuqk wad da hattas gota say Pinky && Twista cuz yal gon do wad yal gosta do reguardless of da opinions && rumors floatin.. Pinky yhu do ya thang mamie i aint hatin on ya... DO DA DAMN THANG.! Sit bak && laugh at shyt like dis cuz ihts fuqkn HALARIOUS.!
    - by da way Pink is mii ALL TIME FAVORITE color... <jus sayin .. :)

  • freaky1

    I dont see why people hating on dem they both grown. Why do men call women whores and BI??HIES? when yall everything in the book yall self. go head Pinky & twista do yall thang FU#K the haterz. If she is "PREGNANT" I hope dat she be a good mother and put the BULLSH!t behind her. CONGRATES PINKY!!!!!

  • freaky1

    im wit u on dat they grown pinky a freak and so what she likes to fuck. I hope she be a good mother if she is pregnant and say fuck the haterz becuz both of dem making money

  • Lil_shawtie111

    Lol... The funniest part of all the niggas on here talkin shit about pinky, I know DAMN well, as well as y'all do that if pinky wanted to fuck or suck your dick.... Each n everyone of y'all niggas would be down.... Shit, everybody's got they own hustle.... Don't knock hers because it's not something your doing... She gets paid to entertain y'all... While she's got paper sky high, y'all muthafuckas still tryna scrounge up change to buy her DVD.... Lmao. As for twista... He's a grown ass man, and where he puts his dick is know body's business.... But the funniest part about this hate session is.... There's muthafuckas all over the world who have fuck close to the same amount if not more people than pinky and they broke af.... At least she's getting paid for the shit... She's sittin back laughin at y'all because even tho y'all talkin shit n hatin..... Lmao she's STILL tricking you!!!! Hahaha u pay her pockets just by buying her movies!!!! You think she gives a fuck what ppl say???? Nope cuz the bitch got Muthafuckin money because she's got trick ass niggas willing to PAY for her pussy. Ha

  • desi

    Lets not forget that they both are human beings and no matter what I May think my comments will remain tactful and fair. I May get attacked but freedom of speech we all bear some sort of responsibility for what comes out of our mouths lol