Brotha Lynch Hung Signs To Tech N9ne’s Strange Music Label

Brotha Lynch HungLegendary northern Cali rapper Brotha Lynch is ready for a new chapter in his music career, as he lands a deal with Tech N9ne's Strange Music label.

Last week, the Sacramento based rapper announced the news, via his MySpace blog: "It's goin' down."

The indie touring juggernaut, Tech N9ne, was just as excited when the deal was finalized, and his business partner told him the news.

"Travis called me and said BROTHA LYNCH IS OFFICIALLY SIGNED TO STRANGE MUSIC! Sh** just keeps gettin better and better..." Tech revealed, via his Twitter page.

Lynch said that when he first met the Kansas City rapper, he was trying to get into his show, and now years later, he's been added to his roster of artists. Isn't it ironic?

"When I first met Tech, he was a fan. I let 'em back stage, now I'm signed wit em," he said.

According to Lynch's Twitter page, the first release via his new pact with Strange Music will be a project called Dinner and a Movie, which he's been working on since at least 2007. The album is expected to drop later this year.

Despite the long wait, Lynch feels his fans are in for his best work to date. "I feel my next album will be the best! Wait 'til ya hear the realness."

Until his official album hits, Lynch will be offering fans an appetizer. He's gearing up for the release of a new mixtape called Gas Station, which is available for pre-order via his MySpace profile at

  • Tedju

    that all good

  • George Fukter wHolle

    Shits gna be ill. Cant wait till tha release date of Dinner and a Movie. STRANGE MUSIC YOU MITCH BADE MUTHA FUCKAS!! WHERE BULLSHIT AINT NUTHIN

  • Niki G.

    Hope to see Lynch on the road. :) Keep pushing the creativity. I love it!!

  • twamp sacc

    Damn Tech N Lynch are going to rip up the whole rap game.

  • brutha lynch is a flue wearin crab ass nigga but he is wicked and he can spit the sick shit but how is lynch going to be on a label full of bloods and juggalos? this shit better go down for the real...

  • guyb415

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  • chunks

    Lynch wat up my nigga man you gotta get some radio play down chere in san diego you feel me my homie thinks your a gay underground rapper and i want to prove him wrong homie 24 deep best Ep eva nigga holla at cha main nigga peace

  • marc

    Yeah crab is for crip and slob is for blood you fake ass nigga... Better hope you not in the hood saying the wrong shit kuz a bullet is quick to fix the problem yo ya dig??!! So best watch yo mouth with that shit....real shit

  • kinfolkcountry

    red,blue make Green(74GD nagga)FukTech,GanxstaNip&Lynch is da onlySICKnaggas i know Fuck yall dis da BirminghamHULK(BOS) ROA

  • Krugga219

    gonna be ill as fuck, fuck any haters out there, lynch is the shit


    Lynch is raw as hell. This BLOOD AND CRIP THANG IS THE NEW MOVEMENT.

  • Jason

    your all abuncha dumb fuckin assholes it's not about the fuckin blue or red it's about gettin your motherfuck point across get cha god damn heads out of the dirt!!

  • YCR

    I SUPPORT STRANGE MUSIC!!! dats my dream gettin signed to sumthin like dat,, brotha lynch n tech n9ne are the shit

  • i jus wanna say much respect to lynch 'n' tek.. More so to lynch imma first nationz rezident from Montana/Canada, duel citizen anyway i gotta madd props to lynch i bin jammin to yo shit for a long tyme and i gotta say u gots some talent shit dat cant compeet with non a deez niggaz so keep da reel beets bumpin.

  • Diablo24suckafree

    Brotha lynch I miss da oldschool beats from season of da siccness nigga 2pac mac dre and u r da best of all time