Is Tila Tequila Ray J’s New Girlfriend?

2009-05-06 - Tila Tequila and Ray JSo, wait a minute? Isn't Ray J supposed to be dating "For The Love Of Ray J" winner Cocktail? If that's true, why is Tila Tequila saying she's the singer/reality star's new girlfriend?

In a blog entry posted during the early morning hours of Monday (May 4), Myspace vixen Tila Tequila addressed rumors of celebs she was linked to, revealing that there's one man in her life. His name is Ray J.

"There have been SO SO SO SO many rumors about me dating P. Diddy, Tyrese, to anyone you could possibly think of," she wrote to start. "So, I am taking to my blog to clear up all them rumors ok? I am not dating anyone of those guys.

"My real boyfriend is RAY J!!!!! Yes.....we've been dating for a while, but didn't want the media to find out cuz it's nobody's business, but since all these other random rumors starting poppin up that I'm dating so, and so, I finally felt that I needed to tell the world that rumors are NOT TRUE!!!!"

According to her post, she fell for Ray J because of the gentleman he is. Tila explained that he treats her with "respect and love," and makes her melt.

"No man has made me feel so loved and so happy in such a long time. We really do love each other and I am so happy to have FINALLY met someone who treats me with respect and love," Tila writes. "He is so sweet to me and makes me melt everytime I see him.......I love my there you have it! Tila Tequila is officially dating Ray J!!!!!! I think we make the cutest couple....dont you?????"

Ray J confirmed the blog too, sort of. In a Twitter update, Ray J told Tila "love you more!!!! you my future wifey."

Aww, how sweet? What do you think? True love or publicity stunt?

  • b.k.illa

    I don't belive it til one of their reps conformed that they dating or not,Tila use dat for publicy stunt for fame so that's all i had to say to dat.

  • Thuglyfe

    I really don't care and I am not surpise if it's true. I mean c'mom, it's Ray J, he loves sex.LMAO!

  • Suitguy

    Ray J is the biggest male media whore when will he give up?

  • Vengeance IS MINE!!!!!!!!

    WHO CARES?????




  • I know it all

    It's probably true seeing as how he seems to like girls whose names are alcoholic beverages..."cocktail" "tila tequila." You have to be drunk to like these girls

  • Nate

    Tila is nothing but a average (we see hundreds of girls that look like her here in the Bay) model that is petite. I give her credit for her networking/charm skills that got her where she is, but she has had too many hands on her. If a girl has had more than a dozen hands on her, it's not worth it, she could be carrying something. And it's not relevant that she is or is not with Ray J. He has talent, she does not.

  • slab

    ok lemme weigh in, i think dude ray j is a herb ass nigga

  • Keara

    Ray could of been joking when he said that too her and she could of taken it out of context. I also saw Cocktail's response to that and it looks like Ray is still with her. Who is playing who i wonder??

  • Young Moe

    There really are hella fine ass women in the Bay that'll make Tila Tequila look like a cockroach. For real. I used to think she was aiite, but her show really made her look like some sort of undiscovered fish species with legs and tits.

  • i dont think its true....ray j and cocktail are still writing to each other on twitter saying how they cant wait to see each much as i love both of them i think they just want the attention

  • Jenni in NYC

    He confirmed it kinda he put this on his twitter:

    itsRayJ: @officialTila yeah Im gonna see u when we get back to Cali Baby ..I know Nc is gonna LOVE you! You know where Im at wit it!about 20 hours ago from web

  • Mos High

    She aint nuthin special at all, and Gay J is a sleaze for publicity...i guess they both need each other 2 boost they mediocre careers.

  • sandy

    ya'll are same lame ass ppl being nosey as hell. who cares who they date? get ur nose back on ur faces! stupid sh*ts talkin sh*t bout sh*t they dont know..lame and pathetic all of YOU!!!!

  • Cocktail

    They are both gay!!!

  • diamondbaby101

    damn the last time i heard that bitch was bi...if i wuz ray i wouldnt fukk wit dat!!!! plus i hared that there was sumthin up wit him and whitney houston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  • Nikky

    baby @cocktailvh1 u know all these mothafuckin rumors are false! u are the only girl I want...u know my love for u is too me
    6:33 PM May 15th from web

    Maybe not?

  • Nikky

    That cannot be his real twitter..

  • john taylor

    i don't like her, i like some myspace chics, like marcy diamond and jayonna fabro, I got a thing for the whooty's! (white girl with a booty) and for Kim kardashian, this girl Tila, def. does not have it! I bet he misses kim! cause he aint' with her lame ass now!

  • temptedoner bxtch

    all these little gurlsz on the ray j show knew whay they were getting them selves into so thats thats and ray j is jusz a little wanna be player who has a huge ass nose and for tila get a life and stop messing with other gurls men what a eefin bxtch besides fake booobs ansd hair what else is fake your personality

  • jesslovesbg

    i jst finished seein ur show for the love of ray j nd u is a man slut ray u a porn star tila dats all :)suk mii in nd out everybodii ps.... i luv ur song one wish

  • jesslovesbg

    nd i also luv u aint gonna tie miiown by ur 1nd onlii ray j ps... jk jk ppl bout wat i said

  • jesslovesbg

    tie mii down**