Tech N9ne Blasts L.A. Times For Lip-Syncing Accusations

Tech N9neIndie rap juggernaut, Tech N9ne, recently lashed out at a Los Angeles Times writer, who claimed he lip-synced during a recent performance at the Southern California Paid Dues concert.

In the LA Times story, journalist Jeff Weiss wrote that "It appeared that N9ne was lip-syncing" during the recent headlining performance, and to no surprise, Tech N9ne was not feeling that.

According to AOL's BlackVoices, the 37-year-old rapper, who hails from Kansas City, responded at the Tuesday's (April 7) Rock The Bells press conference where he had some strong words for Mr. Weiss.

"All my life I have put all my energy into doing a wonderful show, a hardcore show -- I push until I lose my voice, and I say every word," explained Tech. "And for somebody to say, 'He appeared to be lip-syncing because it sounded so clear' -- To me, if I'm trying to use Paid Dues as a vehicle get on Rock the Bells, he would've ruined it, which would in turn would've ruined money I make for my children, which makes me really, really upset.

According to Tech, his main goal is to "impress" his fans, and along the way, move up the ladder. When a writer jeopardizes it, he takes it to heart.

"I'm out here to impress people, to get to the other plateau," the rapper continued. "This is the other plateau (Rock The Bells). Thank God I made it after somebody said something stupid about me that a lot of people knew was bullsh**, because something like that, I take it personally."

Tech continued to state his case, asking how anyone could put him into the same category as an act like Milli Vanilli when time after time, he's proven he can pack venues across the country.

"When it comes to Tech N9ne you say sh** that you know. And what he said was speculation: 'It appeared that he was lip-syncing.' No, you can't say Tech N9ne and Milli Vanilli in the same sentence," Tech N9ne said. "I can't sell out all these shows and people keep coming back if I was just cheating them with lip-syncing. So to Jeff Weiss, no I didn't appreciate it and I don't appreciate it. Tech N9ne works very hard. So hopefully he'll come to another show and he'll give me a f***ing apology because I deserve it."

Tech appeared and performed at the recent Rock The Bells press conference, where it was announced that he'd been added to the bill.

The indie rapper has made a name for himself over the years, thanks to his constant work on the road. In 2008, Tech was reported the third highest grossing rap tour act, behind Jay-Z and Kanye West.


    My nigga still on the grind,fuck all these haters.

  • three face

    The hardest mc in the Game.

  • Tedju

    technine 4 life

  • Big-A

    best rapper/MC on the planet!

  • I dont believe this Jeff Weiss character at all....Tech N9Ne is a good friend of my mine and we've recorded music thing I know about Tech is that he works hard and takes his artistry seriously...I've seen him perform his rapid-fire flow several times and he's never attempted to lip sing...unlike a lotta other industry rappers...Keep doin ya thang Tech!!

  • hailtome

    i was at that show he no way he was lip sing that shit was tight. hopsin came out too shit was insane

  • suckmyballs

    tech n9ne did not lip sync his shit duude! i was at paid dues he raps over his songs, you would understand if other rappers moved around on stage as much as tech does the niggas human everyone runs outta breath but thats when kutt and krizz jump in on the lyrics, ive been to kansas city back to los angeles to see tech perform, people that run there mouth about shit like this is why everyone has HATERS! fuck em’

  • Tech n9ne does lip sync i went to a show and the music stoped but he kept moving his lips and no sound. then he stopped looked at the floor and walked off stage like a dog wit itz tail tucked between his legs.
    The brittany spears of Rap is tech