Singer Houston Breaks Silence About Eye Gouging Incident

Singer Houston

It's been more than three years since the news broke about singer Houston gouging out his eye after a botched suicide attempt in London. But he's resurfaced and broken his silence.

Just recently, Hood News caught up with the singer where he finally broke spoke out about the incident, explaining what seems to be a phobia of the limelight almost.

"I'm off the boat, fresh off of Capitol Records ... I had an eye injury and I fell off the job basically," said the 24-year-old Los Angeles native. "I'm from the hood, so where I come from, it's a whole other element, different from the Hollywood scene, which is why I stay in the background of the scenes. There's too many fruit loops in the Hollywood scene, so I stay in the background. When it comes to taking you some place and making you do something ... I say no to it."

As the conversation continued, Houston revealed that during the peak of his popularity in 2004 and 2005, he was at a point where he fed up with the industry, and just wanted out, revealing that his stardom was weighing down on him.

"I got into an eye injury, dealing with certain thugs, dealing with certain gangsters, dealing with certain mafia ... I had to get out that industry for a second to take a breather," Houston admits. "Everything was clobbering down on me. Everything was going a little bit too hard on me."

In 2004, Houston released his debut album, It Was Written, which boasted the hit single, "I Like That" featuring Nate Dogg and Chingy. It eventually went gold with more than 500,000 copies sold.

However, the singer felt as though the label was pushing him to do things he didn't want, musically as well as with his image.

"I was blowing up, I went gold with that single ('I Like That') with Nate Dogg and Chingy," he continued. "The way they was marketing me, I wanted to come out with my real record. That record was written for me, I didn't come out with that record. The clothes I was wearing wasn't really me. I'm more of a harder n****. They put that Michael Jackson jacket on me, made me wear that jacket and sh**. So I had to rip myself away before motherf***ers get the wrong impression about me."

Since the unfortunate incident in early February 2005, Houston fell of the map completely and no one has heard from his since. Until now. Although it's unclear if he is still making music, he did say that he has started a campaign he calls "Stop The Sodomy & Gang Rape," in which he plans to put an end to inmates raping other inmates in the prison system.

"Right now, there's a grip of people running around, little boys carrying weed, a grip of little thugs carrying weed, drinking and driving, burglaries. Motherf***ers gotta live to take care of they families," he explained of young men who end up incarcerated. "Basically, I'm here to tell you, watch what you do because its motherf***ers in the pen gang raping motherf***ers who have they manhood intact. Motherf***ers who was never with a man, who are innocent, are in danger. Watch yourself man.

"Even if you carrying and doing something wrong and they put you in the pen, none of that sh** is worth you losing your manhood to another man that's been raping motherf***ers in the pen. You must keep your manhood at all costs. Your manhood is all your got. I'm risked everyday just being me, walking in the hood," Houston continued.

The singer says he's putting the message out there, and wants every man, regardless of color, to ride with him on his new campaign. "Whether you white or black or Chinese, we [gotta] move [sodomy] out of the system because that's an innocent man being raped," he said. "Come on with me on this one ... I'm starting this campaign. The only thing I can tell you motherf***ers: stay out of the pen until I drop this 'No Gang Rape' policy. No more sodomy in the pen," Houston continued.

  • god bless his heart and i hope that he grows and eye baqk

  • jasmine holden

    god bless his heart if u ever see this remember this:
    blessed is the man that walkth in the consuel of the ungodly
    nor standth in the way of the sinners
    nor sidth in the seat of the scronful

  • @jasmine holden - I guess you meant to say "blessed is the man that walkth NOT in the consuel of the ungodly...". right? Anyway, I loved Houston to bit but gouging out an eye wasn't the best option to get out of the industry. I mean, he could have just packed his bags and say "C YA!!" & no one'd come looking for him but he'll still have his eye intact no matter what. That's just my own opinion though...God bless him anyway!!

  • blank

    I truly feel he has mental issues and he should get help anyone that gouges there eye out and attempts suicide is mentally ill and needs professional help. God Bless him.

  • earnest

    wassup my dude, um thats stuff u did was weird because it could of happen different.thats it 1

  • "I got into an eye injury"?

    Just another dumb coon.

  • Just Listen24

    You people are in complete darkness. There is much more to this situation then what meets the eye (no pun intended). The left eye is symbolistic of Lucifer or the eye of Lucifer. Many of the people in the industry sell there soul to Satan for fame and fortune (the love of money is the root of ALL evil). As a result they lose themselves, they are no longer in control of their lives. Hence the comment " when it comes to being made to do something I don't want to, I say no". He felt like the only way to escape this life of control and evil would be to pluck the eye of satan out (not to mention he knew how unmarketable losing his eye would make him; -smart move bro-). After the fact, when he was asked how he felt, he said he felt closer to God! Please research Illuminati in hip hop b4 u make ignorant comments. This is real people. Seek God's face and His word. It is our ONLY source of TRUTH, and our only way of developing a REAL relationship with God. The bible says "I am the way, the truth, and the light, NO MAN cometh to the father, except through me. Jesus is the only way to God and the Holy Land. Do not be deceived people, God is real as well as powerful and mighty. He is looking for strong warriors to stand up and preach His word to the nations, live for Him without shame. Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve. Do not be conformed to the things of this world. These things will fade but God is everlasting. Heaven is real and so is Hell. Don't wait until it's too late. Make a choice today. For tomorrow is not promised. I love yall with the love of the Lord and I am praying for the salvation of everyone. I will be a warrior and a servant of Christ until my dying day. I am not ashamed. I will allow the Holy Spirit to use me to reach others. God has a plan people. There is nothing new under the sun. Now marinate on that. That means everything that has been done on this earth in the past centuries is SURE to repeat itself, only in a greater magnitude. Again, marinate on that! God is trying to prepare His people for His return. His word says My sheep hear my voice and a stranger they shall not follow. We are only His sheep when we have a relationship with Him. We only have a real relationship with Him when we study and live by the word to the best of our ability (study to show thyself approved), praying, doing good deeds, and so on. I have said all this to say, the entertainment industry has been using subliminal messages in pictures, sound, images, and the like to control our mind. When we submit to these things they are seeping into our subconcious. This is why after listening or watching certain things, u may find yourself engaging in questionable or out of character activity. That's the idea! Study people, read the word. Research the illuminati with an open mind. Most of all, do not be naiive or foolish. For we Know not the day nor the hour that our HOLY, MIGHTY AWESOME, OMNIPOTENT, WORTHY, OMNICIENT God will return but we all know that HE WILL return. You've got everything you need to be prepared. Use your resources, this is not a game. God is real and He is coming back so GET READY!!

    Peace, Blessings, and Salvation to you all!!

  • Baby LaLa

    He needs some serious help....... Its unfortunate what he has gone through. Great input by the christian community... however, keep in mind that he has a serious mental problem and whereas you can take pieces from what he has said to make a whole and a pretty good argument (bravo), he is mentally ill.... I assume that he probably was sodomized(not making a factual statement) But I doan think he was thinking along the lines of christianity using the language he was using.... I pray for him and those in his life and I hope they get him some serious help.

  • alyze

    you cant grow an eye back thing is gone... and that fool was getting dont feel sorry for him..hes lucky he didnt overdose on whatever he was taking

  • Blah

    Grows an eye back?  The American education system has failed us once again.

    Moving on -  I hope Houston is having a much more positive life now many blessings to him and very brave of him to start that campaign!  That's not a topic a lot of people discuss about prison life

  • Ebba92

    i am praying for you my brother

  • Mr10ndup


  • !

    Shut the fuck up

  • Kristen Chavez

    Sounds like he got raped or he wouldnt be so passionate about getting the word out there about men raping men while locked up. && I too believe that Illuminati was tryin to get ahold of him. He may SEEM crazy, but hes not...The ones that dont seek knowledge or want to know the Truth are the crazy ones.!

  • TK

    This story could go either way for me. No one really knows the truth except this young man and God. The statements he made seem pretty factual and if you read between the lines and know anything about the Illuminati you know that there is always a consequence or sacrifice of some sort if you don't obey their rules. I look at it as if he was the lucky one. Most people who are chosen do not live to tell such a story.

  • The light…

    You are right....

  • Che

    He was on PCP. He lost it and plucked his eye out...and now he's trying to stop gang rapes in prisons...because reasons.

    So what was this wall of text about?

  • Kinggg

    The industry made him go insane , some ppl cant handle the pressure .. Too much evil and gay sh*t goin on in Hollywood i promise you smh

  • BiGGWiLL

    Are you completely retarded ............

  • lyricallyMizzunderstood

    I think hes talking metaphorically when he says hes growing an eye back

  • sam

    Cuz he got raped in prison...

  • jay

    He must a got gang raped or something cause be all for saving them grown men asses....if you a grown as man and let another man rape you....first you bogus as hell...and second you wanted that shit....ain't no you went to jail straight and came home already was ijs

  • Che


  • Che

    I gathered that. I don't see the relation to the Great Wall of Text.

  • Che

    Yeah. There's nothing crazy about plucking out your eye with a spork... <_<

  • tiynesha coleman

    okay listen u dumb mfs you all talkin all that illuminati bs ,shitabout him
    being crazy and all drugged out in hoolywood
    b4 u judge get ur factsright dumbass he wasn't always like that he got arrested for
    a small minor charge nd was sent to prison or a couple months nd from in there
    it being his first time in jail he was repeatedly raped {with force} by many men more than once :/ while he wasin there>> nd for those to say "oh he wanted that shit"
    r so fucking sad ...idgaf how big u are u cant fight off 5-7 mfs beatin u up
    and later fucking u savagely>> its overwhelming force that's why its "gang rape"
    he wasn't always crazy im sure but just think how u would later act and turnout
    if a bout 20 different men STUCK THERE DICKS IN UR ASS HUH?
    now I heard hes living in downtown la streets homeless nd crazy >>thats fucked up his whole life
    nd hes only sadly like30 now> hhhh:{ that rape shit can and does happen to many men of all races in there

  • Jones

    Sounds like he got his manhood took as much as he's taking an interest in sodomy and gangraping. Or he took someone else's and feel bad about it. Idk *shrugs*

  • Christy

    This man has raped a man. And his manager raped him when he was young. Look up RazB, he is apart of bk2. Marcus Houston raped him when he was 11. It's all scary and they all need Jesus

  • Blobblob serious with this!!?!?!

  • Blobblob

    LOL @ you believing in the "Illuminati"

  • jazzae

    Y'all need to stop talking bad about houston.

  • jazzae

    I am not going to judge him.

  • He sounds "touched."

  • Rational MF

    lol something tells me you're on PCP or crazy as well.

  • kentray1985

    Ha you so stupid, you believe anything the controlled media will tell you. The man just said some real shit and you easily disregarded it. That Hollywood shit is gay, period.

  • kentray1985

    That's because the prison was built for people who don't obey the law to get treated like that. They don't care if you kill yourself in prison and they would give you the blade to do it with.

  • LAA

    He's not talking about no damn pen. He's talking about the music industry!

  • Chiya Chiya

    You don't know what's going on with him and he didn't do it to himself you FCKING IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

  • SilentHashassin

    He spoke in code in regards to how he lost his eye. Drugs had nothing to do with it sir.

  • Katrina Ross

    I agree Hollywird is what some ppl call it this is real

  • Katrina Ross

    There are ppl in prison that are innocent.. Well should most of are authority should be locked up also for they wrong doing and killing innocent people

  • Afrodisiacal

    Ppl are blind to things like that, you see and hear what they want. They are so used to media painting the picture for them that they can't read threw the lines.

  • Sam Thomas

    If you love the world you do not love me, if you love me you do not love the world - Jesus Christ.
    Let go of worldly things, and look upon God as your only want, he alone will take care of all you truly need.

  • Lulu

    Just shut the fuck up with your religious bullshit...religion is nothing more than a way for the elite to control your small minds and to let you live in fear...I don't say religions aren't true, but the ones we believe in there days were made outour true and real're just a blind sheep without its own opinion...

  • Your mama

    You're extremely annoying and sadly don't know shit about his background or the story..all you can do is show us your mental retardation with the shit you post...go to bed or something else or even better, go and shoot yourself, but don't talk shit about things your limited mind can't understand..

  • NM_Che56

    I'm being called stupid by someone who can't use periods and ellipsis properly.

  • NM_Che56

    The world is flat, too. That's why maps are on paper.

  • NM_Che56


  • D’Rek501

    Matthew 5:29 If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.

  • Anti New World Order

    he had to sacrifice something in order to get out.. there is another article with him saying the devil made him do that.... Now for those that know what really goes on in the industry its self explanatory...... dude wasn't aware of what the industry was all about got into the game and signed his name in blood, took the oath then they started marketing him for the typical metro male Rand B/ rapper look and basically gave him an identity he didn't want. on top of that more than likely he had to sacrifice something to get in and be involved to rituals to some extent which drove him crazy once he realized he was too deep and tried to get out there was probably already demons attached to him that he owed dues to....( you can research everything im saying not just ion the industry but real satanic worship all around the world reports the same types of things...and allester Crowley and lavey explains much of these things as well).... once his "demons" realized he was trying to get out that probably drove him to gauge his eye out because of the oath he was he could have also did that because he knew that would break the oath as well but he could be dead but he is still alive and they didn't kill him which is interesting.... these are just my opinions and views btw!!