Rumored Mother Of Jay-Z’s Secret Son Speaks Out

Jay Z and Shanelle Scott -Hip-Hop Weekly

Rumors circulating about Jay-z being unfaithful to his girlfriend Beyonce have circulated for some time now. Most recently, a rumor has been getting around about the rapper conceiving a child with Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott.

The unconfirmed reports stated that Jay is said to have paid $1 million to keep his name off the birth certificate, which prompted a response. Although Jay-z's camp have somewhat dismissed the rumors outright, via a statement released to, the people at Hip Hop Weekly (HHW) feel that they are still in the air.

In this week's issue of the weekly publication, they got a one-on-one with the 27-year-old model to get some answers. Although, the interview does not prove anything, it leaves readers wondering.

"In this week's issue, Hip Hop Weekly delivered an exclusive interview with and exclusive photos of Shenelle Scott, former video model from Trinidadian, and her 5-year-old son, Isa Jael, who is rumored to be Jay-z's son," a spokesperson for Hip Hop Weekly told "An anonymous representative for Jay-z released a statement on Friday stating, 'There is not truth to these ridiculous rumors.' The statement appears to deny the rumor that Jay-z paid a million dollars to keep his name off of the birth certificate and never states whether or not Isa Jael is, in fact, Jay-z's son."

Pictures of Jay, Scott and their alleged child have been circulated across the internet and printed in tabloids in recent months, sparking debates as to who the father of the child is, despite the fact that another man's name is officially listed on the child's birth certificate -- Malik Sayeed.

In the exclusive interview conducted by HHW, Scott revealed that the Malik Sayeed was not the father although his name appeared on the certificate of birth and when asked about Jay-z being the father, she declined to answer, leaving the question up for debate.

Scott goes on to talk about her relationship with Jay, how they met and how Beyonce should not be threatened by her, even though she still speaks to the rapper.

For the full interview, pick up the latest issue of Hip Hop Weekly on newsstands now.

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  • Daphnebaker1415

    thats a lieee...beyonce is the finest women..all natural beuty..aint nothin fake on her or about her...u just a hater

  • BiatchPlz

    @ Daphnebaker1415, you sound like a damn fool...STFU & GTFOH....

  • Laurencenzube

    4uck j i dont give a fxxx about him and all the shits around him

  • Shad 1babygurl

    So there is a typo it say from Trindadian and it should say from Trinidad.

  • Shad 1babygurl

    So there is a typo it say from Trindadian and it should say from Trinidad.

  • Chris99

    Wow! The resemblance of Jay Z and this kid is candid... He looks exactly like him the lips & nose...I knew he was too good 2 b tru but 2 hide ur own kid is disgusting... @ least Lil Wayne neva denied any of his kids or their mothers...Stop proclaiming 2 b dis amazing guy wen really ur an A**Hole like da rest of the dead beat sperm donors...

  • gr

    is bleaching your skin 'natural'?

  • ShanC

    I'm sorry but I do not see a resemblance. Both their noses are but the lil boy has upward nostrils and Jay-Z's are down, their eyes are not the same and neither is their lips.. Maybe I am missing something. *shrugs*

  • ShanC

    Now who the child looks like is Benny it

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you could try combining the face of the Shenelle Scott and Jay-Z together......LOL

  • Y_ty1

    Trinidadian is correct.

  • rachael jones

    Beyonce wants nothing with Shenelle.Beauty,Hair name it.

  • Jay Z is a hip hop mogul and a business man not a member of the clergy. At least he has some discretion, not like Pdiddy with his multiple baby mamas like a new cultural trend. Leave them alone, the are trying to set an example for others. He will take care of his kid don't worry about his business.

  • trinidadian is not correct. that is the name used to describe the people just like american. we are from america but we are american


    gOOD ONE

  • roc

    I just hope its not true cause that little boy deserves just as much as blue!!!

  • Brittney Herron

    Lmfao looks better than Beyonce ? What picture you looking at ? Anywho this bitch clearly isnt known and wants more fame than being a low budget model and video hoe who doesnt know who all she done let bust raw in her pussy leaving yhat poor innocent young boy fatherless . Baby girl Im sure Beyonce never had a thought in her mind to be threatened by you take several seats lil hoe.

  • i dont worship these hoes

    Why yall simple bitches worship these motherfuckers? They cant do anything.wrong huh? Fuck beyonce thinking she could get away with lying about her pregnancy! had to get a Trini bitch to make his son! No test tube brats like blue weed, i mean ivy

  • i dont worship these hoes

    Riiiight makeup all natural weave all natural nose job all natural...hmm...simpleton!

  • SB

    Wow!! Is it that serious??!! If u had a life of your own, u wouldn't worry about others. They are the most powerful celebrity couple in the music industry, and have haters all around. Get a life haters!!! We never see any positive in this couple because some people can't accept the fact that they are who they are, natural and all. Who doesn't wear hair extensions in this business? Stop freakin hating!!!

  • Dora

    Doesn't really matter what the kid looks like. You know j isn't going to pay a dime if that kid wasn't his. The sad thing is that he would rather pay to keep his name off the birth certificate. That should not even be legal!!!! And looks and talent does not over ride the fact that Beyoncé is with a male who would rather throw money around than to act like a man and take care of his responsibility. That kid didn't ask to be here a million bucks isn't what it used to be. Wonder what j is going to do or say to that kid when he is a grown man. Once he is grown he will want answers. Shame on you J, wonder what Blue Ivy will think about her dad paying to pretend her brother don't exist

  • shontel

    You cant put someones name on a birth certificate. they have to sign the birth certificate. So paying her not to do it doesn't make sense because she legally can't. Not to mention in some states you cant even give the child the man's last name unless he signs for you to or you are married.

  • lucy

    Man up and love ALL your children.

  • Vicky Arbaugh

    Only this baby was born in Trinidad not the USA. Clearly different laws ...